Take Me To Your Leader

I’ve been spending way too much time in Blender, building, thinking I can do this better, fretting about the lighting, so then lights go out, walls come tumbling down, yes they do …. anyway! So Linden Lab seem to have gone on a communications strike, the blog isn’t being updated and Rodvik is missing in action! What the bloody hell is going on?

One theory doing the rounds in the forumsphere is that Rodvik got to know the users and then pondered “What’s that coming over the hill? Is it a monster? Is it a Monster?” However that doesn’t explain why the main blog is so bereft of … well blogginess. They already know us!

So what the bloody hell is going on? Your guess is as good as mine, but we can ponder.

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Rodvik Speaks – Part 1

RodVilla has at long last spoken on the blog, a rare treat these days, a blog post that talks about Second Life and Linden Lab. I could go off on a tangent about how the blog isn’t being used efficiently but for now I’ll just look at the content. I’ll split this into two parts, because I like doing that! First of all we’ll look at tier, Linden Lab branching out and the new creators program.

Tier won’t be going up in 2012, Rodvik tells us, but in reality tier needs to come down, however, as I’ve said before, Linden Lab need to find alternative revenue streams for this to happen, it’s totally unrealistic to expect Linden Lab to drop tier prices before they have other revenue streams in place but these alternative revenue streams are needed for the long term future of Linden Lab. Some may suggest that Linden Lab are addressing this by talking of branching out in completely different areas to Second Life, I’m not convinced about that, Second Life needs to be self sustaining, relying on other products probably won’t fly, but for Linden Lab, branching out makes perfect sense.

The problem Linden Lab have is with turning Linden dollars into US dollars, their previous attempts to incorporate advertising on the website failed in part due to the GlamAdapt advertising program being US dollars only, however it surely wouldn’t be that hard to have a service whereby you had to sell your Linden dollars to pay for advertising in US dollars, that’s how many land owners pay tier, the problem really was a third party being involved. I know some people don’t like advertising but really, it’s not always intrusive and I really think Linden Lab are missing a trick by not having advertising on their website, but this is all old territory for me, I still can’t fathom out why they aren’t trying to get the likes of Adobe to advertise on their websites, maybe they have and Adobe aren’t interested.

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Save Rodvik’s Wall

So there I am stalking Rodvik’s profile when  I notice he’s into wargames and Russian history, which reminds me I need to catch up on this week’s episode of Spooks. I then go to his wall, where you know you might find the odd hello or something about his interests …. unfortunately you don’t find that you find an unholy mess of people using Rodvik’s wall as a discussion forum.

Now look, I know he appears nice and all that and he’s engaged with the community on twitter, in the forums, over at SLUniverse and commented on blogs but for goodness sake, a profile wall isn’t a place to discuss some of the subjects being raised there, he’s one man, he can’t fix everything and he’s not about to stop some commie plot from taking over a sim, well actually he comes not far from where the intelligence headquarters GCHQ are located as I recall …… hmmm! Anyway! He’s not going to fix all these problems!

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Rodvik Does Twitter

Rod Humble’s impromptu Twitter session last night will have delighted many, confused some, and left Scylla wondering what’s so good about Twitter! Mr Humble responded to quite a few tweets in the space of around an hour, Witchfinder General, Inara Pey, pushed Rodvik on basic mode in the new viewer and had praise for the new user signup process, in the end it was deemed we wouldn’t have to throw Rodvik in a river to see if he sank or swam, he took the feedback well and didn’t turn anyone into a frog.

Of course the big news was: “Aston Villa Avatars by default for all users confirmed ;)” … ha! Take that Stokey Suella Ember!

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