Mar 242015
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Fantasy Faire 2015

Fantasy Faire 2015 is about more than gorgeous buildings and magical items, it’s also about entertainment, music, storytelling, poetry and bringing magic to the virtual world of Second Life, as well of course as being an excellent participant in the Relay For Life fundraising effort in Second Life.

Last year Fantasy Faire raised 5,955,893 Linden Dollars ($ 23,824) for Relay For Life and part of the reason that so much money is raised is thanks to those who entertain us, which is why they are now looking for DJ’s, Storytellers and poets to help with this year’s event.

Please note that despite my enthusiasm, I am not part of the organisational team, so please don’t send your applications to me! Follow the links guys and girls, follow the links.

Da5id Abbot

In terms of DJ’s, The Fantasy Faire team are Searching For Song Spinners :

Fantasy Faire Radio is now accepting applications for DJs who would like to be part of the on-air team for 2015. 

If you follow the link to Searching For Song Spinners you will find more details and the application form. However if you prefer other art forms, do not worry, there’s space for you at Fantasy Faire 2015 too.

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Mar 242015
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Fantasy Faire 2015

Fantasy Faire 2015 is still a month away but I’m about to embark on three Fantasy Faire 2015 related posts. The first is with relation to the sims for Fantasy Faire 2015, which have this week been announced : Ten Shopping Sims Of Magic.

The sims are intended to be unique, but still part of the Fairelands as a whole. Some of the names of those who are involved with creating these sims are familiar to me and those who have attended previous Fantasy Faires.

Some of the names are of the wandering chief Elf variety, whom evil Drow Wizards may still be seeking.

Some of the names may be Dwarfin related superstars who paint a stunning landscape.

Together they make up the whole. The links take you to further details of each sim, including designers who will be displaying their wares on said sim and are subject to change as more designers are allocated their spots on sims for this year’s event. The list itself can also be found here :

So let’s get to those details of the sims for this year’s event, with thanks to Sonya Marmurek for posting this information on the Fantasy Faire website.

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Mar 212015

FFL Tokyo

Regular readers of this blog will know that I’m not a fashionista, nor am I a fashionista’s son and I’m only blogging fashion until the fashionistas come. However the next week or so sees a large fashion event in Second Life, Fashion For Life.

FFL Paris

Fashion For Life is one of many events held within Second Life as part of the Relay For Life fundraising effort. This year’s event features some of the fashion hotspots outside of the virtual world, with sims based on Berlin, London, Los Angeles, Milan, New York, Paris and Tokyo.

FFL New York City

On top of this there are two sims dedicated to events and fashion shows. Central Park North is the entertainment venue and Central Park South is the fashion show venue.

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Feb 192015

Set your phasers to stun. Be prepared to go where no man has boldly gone before, well with the exception or the organisers, the builders, The Lindens and maybe some others. However besides them, the big news is that the 2015 Science Fiction Convention in Second Life opens tomorrow.

The event is part of the Relay For Life fundraising in Second Life effort on behalf of The American Cancer Society and as with many events there will be vendors, events and much more.

The event will be running February 20th Thru March 1st and features six sims :

Pern Sound
Pern – Planet, with dragons. And, Anne McCaffrey

Douglas Adams Magrathea will build planets specifically tailored for you. Want a planet made out of solid gold? What about one where everything’s made of jello? The pebbles on the beaches are all precious jewels?

The pleasure planet mentioned or featured in several episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation. In particular it was featured in the episode ʺCaptain’s Holidayʺ.

Fhloston Paradise
Fhloston Paradise was the name of the resort hotel/ship where Corbin Dallas/Leeloo went in 5th Element and got to see the Diva sing

New Vegas
Babylon 5, The Mars city New Vegas is very heavily implied to be such a place, right down to the name

In the TV series Firefly Sihnon is where Inara was taught the skills to become a Companion.

A good place to keep up to date with events is on the Sci-Fi Alliance website.

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Apr 022013

FF2013 Poster [Elves]

Picture by Tamzin Xiglia

Design by Alia Baroque

Logo by Marcus Inkpen

A few days ago those of us in the blogging community … yes we’re all one happy family … found ourselves dumped from the Fantasy Faire group. This was due to some spring cleaning for this year’s event and a group notice was sent but I know from talking to some people that, for one reason or another, the group notice wasn’t received by all. However there was nothing malicious going on here.

Now a call for bloggers has been sent out for this year’s event which runs from April 20th – 28th and you have until April 5th to apply, which you can do by going here.

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Mar 082013

The 2013 Relay For Life of Second Life season is ready to launch. On Saturday, March 9, 2013, at 10am SLT, the Relay For Life Kickoff Celebration will be held on 4 special “kickoff” regions bordering the American Cancer Society Island.

More than 107 teams have pre-registered to participate in this year’s Relay For Life fundraising season in Second Life, but there is plenty of room for more. Anyone who has registered, or is interested in registering a team is encouraged to attend the Kickoff Celebration to learn more about this year’s Relay For Life season. If you are interested in learning more, contact Gem Sunkiller inworld, or you can join the Relay For Life Volunteers Group, or you can visit   Relay For Life of Second Life.

The 2013 Relay For Life of Second Life theme matches that of the American Cancer Society’s 2013 campaign: Celebrating 100 Years of Hope.

“2013 marks the 100th birthday of the American Cancer Society. Our teams voted last year to use this as an opportunity to align with the organization to celebrate the many successes that we’ve had over the last 100 years of fighting cancer…and to re-commit ourselves to doing as much as we can to finish the fight,” says Stingray Raymaker, American Cancer Society Manager of Digital Platforms. Continue reading »

Feb 082013

Bel2Hi out there! I know I know you haven’t heard from me for quite awhile, well here I am! Guess what! Its almost RFL time again in SL. So get ready for some amazing events and fund raisers and great deals as Second Life, once again, comes together to take a bite out of cancer! I will officially be blogging as we race into Relay!

*EDITOR Ciaran Laval* Oi Bailey, I was preparing a post!

Ignore him! Anyway, Team Registrations are now open and below the cut I’ll post information about that.

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Dec 142012

I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned Dwarfins before, I may have talked of their drinking of mead and bawdiness, I may have mentioned that they’ve escaped their cave, I may have mentioned that two of the creators were interviewed by Prim Perfect … but besides that I’ve hardly said a word about Dwarfins and I currently have eleven of them on the go, ten purchased and one born! However, besides that I haven’t talked much about them, it’s not like I’m addicted or anything like that!

Anyway, Dwarfins are at the Xmas Expo, which is a promotion for Relay For Life and therefore a good cause. Dwarfins will be participating in  the one of a kind breedables auction, and I’m going to bring you details of that tonight! Hurrah! Here’s an edited copy of the inworld notecard:

Dwarfins are so excited to be donating two one of a kind Dwarfins for the OOAK Breedables Auction. These Dwarfins will be auctioned separately.

The Dwarfins package each include:

-One of a kind Elf Dwarfin
-One month supply of food for the Dwarfin (Candy Canes)
-One of a kind ‘birthrock’
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Dec 082012

Xmas Expo Tree

The sight of Dwarves didn’t completely put e off taking a look around The Christmas Expo. I managed to safely navigate some streets without any sign of a Dwarf with an axe threatening me. The expo is running on five sims, all nicely decorated with decent sized stores for many merchants as well as an entertainments venue.

Click here to take a look at the merchants who are there.

Stores at Xmas Expo

Kismet and Dysfunctional Designs neighbour each other.

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Dec 072012

It’s always dangerous to leave my home sim without the aid of my trusty chief Elf and so it proved tonight. I ran into some Dwarves, oh they start out looking innocent and charming:

Innocent Looking Dwarves

I mean they look kindly enough, homely, with treats and some storytelling going on that wouldn’t be out of place at Seanchai, however, don’t let that lull you into a false sense of confidence, you’ll soon find the buggers drinking mead and getting bawdy!

Dwarves on the lash!

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