Oskar Wild

Well I’ve been talking about books, and I’ve been talking about Oskar’s departure and … well I just couldn’t resist! The news of Oskar’s departure has spread, a forum post or two on the official forums. The thread over at SLUniverse is still active, with Oskar receiving a whopping 113 hugs from well wishers so far.  Daniel Voyager was one of the first, probably the first, to blog about Oskar’s departure. There has been another post from Prok, who was one of the first to blog about the departure rumours.

Also amongst the first to blog on the rumours was Inara Pey, who had the rumblings on page 2 of her week 44/4 Server and viewer news. Inara has blogged again on the subject, whereas JeuxOnline has an article entitled Linden Lab se sépare d’Oskar Linden. People are a bit miffed, although I wouldn’t imagine, anywhere near as miffed as Oskar. The thing is with Oskar, is that despite his faults (and he’s only human, he has faults), he communicated in an excellent fashion, whether you liked what he said was a different issue, but he spoke to people and people like that. People feel engaged when there’s communication, which is why Linden Lab’s lack of communication is so frustrating, but I’ll come to that later.

Oskar isn’t the first popular Linden to leave the lab and unfortunately, he won’t be the last. Prospero Linden used to be the server rollout guy, he was popular although of course being the server guy, you will have critics, he also communicated very well, I hope there isn’t a theme here! There have been many other Lindens who have gone whom many of us miss for differing reasons, new ones will arrive and be well liked …. I hope! Whereas others have come and gone, or are still working for Linden Lab, who never get the credit they deserve.

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Oskar Confirms Departure Over At SLUniverse

Oskar (formerly Linden) has apparently commented on the SLUniverse thread regarding his departure. I have been toying whether or not to post this because I don’t want Oskar to get into trouble, but as SLUniverse is a public place, I’ve decided to link to it anyway. There’s also a picture of a man with a big beard who has a sign saying he’s the Oskar formerly known as Oskar Linden! He actually looks a lot like I imagined he would! I don’t think this is a hoax.

Oskar doesn’t go into specifics about his departure, as he’s not allowed to by the terms of his separation agreement, but does talk of his shock at the infamous Skype call that led to his departure.

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Oskar Appears To Have Left The Building

Prokofy Neva broke a story on November 3rd that Oskar Linden had been fired. SLUniverse had a thread regarding rumours that Oskar had been fired. NowLinden’s don’t comment on departures, ever. I’ve been to office hours before where people ask a Linden whether someone has been fired, and they never tell you!

Now, I don’t know if Oskar has been fired, but a couple of things here, love him or loathe him, Prok generally doesn’t post malicious rumours. I can’t see Prok making a post like that without having investigated the issue and spoken to sources.

In the SLUniverse thread, Jessica Lyon of Phoenix viewer development fame pretty much confirms that Oskar is no longer working for Linden Lab and that Oskar was surprised to have lost his job.

I’m always disappointed when we lose a Linden, I can’t recall a single Linden whom I’ve been happy to see go, and that includes Daniel, whom got a bad press over putting his name to an infamous blog post in the past. I mean I’m not saying I think they were all the bees knees, but they play their part and do their best and even when I’m critical of them, I respect them. The thing is, I admired Oskar.

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Magnum Gets Rolled Back

The usefulness of Linden Lab running release channels has been exemplified well this week The Magnum channel being rolled back due to problems with llSensor(), this seemed to impact breedables. Now as only magnum sims were impacted, plenty of people have been happily going around with llSensor() working perfectly fine, whereas if this code were all over the grid, we’d be seeing far bigger problems.

The issue was first highlighted by Lucia Nightfire in the technology forum thread on this week’s server deploys, Oskar and the team investigated and decided the issues were serious enough to warrant rolling back the new code and aligning magnum with the current Blue Steel code.

The release channel system is of course not everyone’s cup of tea and it does lead to issues, for example the current release channel of LeTigre has a newer version of the Havok physics engine, this has caused an issue whereby mesh objects, such as vehicles, get stuck when trying to move from a LeTigre sim to a sim on a different channel that is running an earlier version of the Havok physics engine. The mesh objects won’t cross over.

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