Open University Events For The Rest Of March

I don’t work for The Open University, I have studied with them in the past but no longer do due to fee increases for coures. However I do still think they are a very worthy organisation. Therefore I am quite happy to promote their events. The following is from a mailing list I’m on, Tori Landau is the contact:

Below are the rest of the events confirmed for March, there might be another event but currently due to RL the person can’t confirm. Hope to see you there and please feel free to pass this on to anyone you think would be interested.

Wed 13th

Drop-in at 2.15pm slt / 9.15pm GMT

Come along to the friendship circle at the Welcome area for 30 mins of support and chat.


Mon 18th

Monday Meet at 2pm slt / 9pm GMT

Speaker: Doctor Zeritonga (real life: Chris Hardy)

Chris will be talking about Designing for Navigation and Wayfinding in 3D Virtual Learning Spaces which was the topic of his MSc research for The Open University’s Master of Science Degree in Computing for Commerce and Industry. Chris presented his findings along with his supervisor Dr Shailey Minocha at VWBPE in 2011 and a paper written along with Dr Minocha received the Gitte Lindgaard Award for the best paper at the OZCHI 2011 conference ( This talk will be in local chat with optional voice transcription.

Location is inside the communal room on Deep Think West.


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John Pathfinder Lester To Give Talk Today At Open University’s Deep Think In Second Life

I’ve received a mail to a mailing list I’m on detailing a talk today, at 1pm SLT, by John Lester (formerly known as Pathfinder Linden) at The Open University’s Deep Think West. I’m not in any way affiliated with the Open University, so I can’t answer questions about the meeting, Tori Landau is the SL avatar who sent the email, details below:

Details of today’s Meet are below, however, before the Meet there will be the first drop-in at the Welcome area at Deep Think for 30mins from 12.15pm slt / 8.15pm GMT. The drop-in is a chance for people to come along and talk about anything as well as offering support on using SL and any problems people may be having. If anyone else wishes to run a drop-in please feel free to contact me.

SLURL Location:

Mon 14th – Monday Meet at 1pm slt / 9pm GMT

John Lester (SL: Pathfinder Lester (formerly Linden)) giving the talk, “To invent the future we must build dreams“.

John is the chief learning officer at ReactionGrid and is currently focused on virtual world research and development using Unity3d, Opensimulator and Jibe. From 2005 to 2010 John worked at Linden Lab, the creators of Second Life where he led the development of the education and healthcare markets. Previously John worked at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. John has a background in neuroscience research.

You can find out more about John here:

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Open University Events In Second Life For November

Tori Landau (in Second Life) of the Open University has granted me permission to post information about three events planned for The Open University at Deep Think within Second Life this month. These events are most likely to be aimed at educators or those working within education. I am not a representative of The Open University so I can’t answer any questions about these events.

First things first, the sim is general rated, so if you are going to visit then please mind your P’s and Q’s and dress appropriately.

From Tori Landau:

The 3 events planned for November at Deep Think are below. If anyone has suggestions for the topic for the Open Session please feel free to contact me.

Wed 7th – Rooftop Bop at 2pm slt / 10pm GMT

No decor theme this month, however, there is a prize of $100L for best in casual wear. So chill, relax and have a laugh listening to DJ Anjoux Herbit spinning tunes and taking requests for two hours. Location is the rooftop of the communal building at Deep Think West


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