A Visit To Neive In Second Life


Inspired by Inara Pey’s blog post; Visiting ~Neive~ In Second Life, I decided to follow in Inara’s footsteps and visit Neive in Second Life.


Inara had informed us about the region :

~Neive~ is a Homestead regions designed by Claudia (claudia74a Orsini) which Caitlyn and I first visited in late June 2017, when it still appeared to be under construction. We dropped back there at the start of September to see how things had developed, and found the region has grown into a quite pastoral – if slightly eclectic – setting.

This description is extremely accurate.


The notecard that you can accept when you land in the region informs us that the region was first created in 2016 and is now back, with romance and friendship in mind.

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