Metaverse Shakespeare Company Brings The Curtain Down

Twelfth Night Act 2 P1

Ina Centaur has announced both inworld via notecards and on Ina’s blog, that The Shakespeare, Primtings, sLiterary and Skin City sims will be axed on or around October 29th. This comes as no surprise to anyone who has been part of these groups inworld, Ina has appeared to be disgruntled for some time.

If we rewind to May,  Ina blogged a farewell here. I think it’s fair to say that Ina had became increasingly disillusioned with the financial aspects in running Second Life sims and that the loss of not for profit tier discounts has bitten hard. The story is a tale of woe, Ina was involved with an art aspect with regards to Primtings and the Metaverse Shakespeare Company, I’m more familiar with the latter.

The thing is, it’s not as if Ina didn’t try to raise revenue, the Metaverse Shakespeare Company offered a whole load of ways for people to sponsor their efforts or donate to keeping stage productions alive in Second Life, there were also tickets for opening night and season ticket deals. However, as many have mentioned before getting people to pay in Second Life for an attraction is problematic, because so few do pay for entry, although plenty of folk do tip.

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