Nov 202013

Linden Lab, whom have recently rediscovered the beauty of blogging about developments have unveiled a gem of a post today:

Making Mesh Garments Fit Better

This could be pretty damn epic, although the proof will be in the pudding. In unveiling this project viewer Linden Lab have decided to go beyond the controversial Liquid Mesh solution and Qarl’s Mesh Deformer Project and release their own solution. The blog post explains that there are problems with getting Mesh clothing to fit the various shapes of Second Life avatars, as opposed to system clothing which just simply fits. In the blog post LL discuss how users have so far been addressing the issue :

“Users have developed two approaches to address these problems:

  • Rigging garments to the “collision bones” of the avatar skeleton (often marketed as “Liquid Mesh”). This works in current Viewers for some body parts, but there are some avatar shape parameters that do not have corresponding collision bones, so garments do not adapt to fit everywhere on the body.
  • The “Mesh Deformer” project added code to the Viewer to dynamically compute how to modify each garment shape by looking at how the vertices of the avatar were changed from that of the female and male base shapes.

The Linden Lab development team has studied both approaches, and compared their effectiveness, maintainability, and performance. Neither approach completely eliminates the occasional need for an alpha clothing layer to prevent small parts of the avatar skin from appearing through garments, but both work quite well at resizing garments so that they fit the avatar and move naturally with it. While the collision bones method requires the creator to do some additional rigging, we have decided that because it leverages more of the existing avatar shape system it is likely to be the more maintainable solution and to perform better for a wider range of users.”

However don’t get too excited just yet, this project is far from complete and things could change that make your efforts creating a ton of clothing here, pretty redundant.

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Mar 202013

SL Buddy Walk 2013- basic sign

Today I present four more Exclusive Offers from three of Second Lifes Amazing Designers.  From Cleo Design we have two wonderful selections –
1) Rocking Comfort – which a Rocking chair which has 29 sit animations (read,drink,talk,etc), you sit on it and choose with menu by touch. Props are automatically offered. Touch chair shadow for rocking. Lamp has on/off option.

Cleo Designs

Rocking Set and Comfy Chair Set by Cleo Designs


2) Cozy Armchair – Armchair has 4 couple and 5 single animations. It also comes with a side table that has morning coffee for two and breakfast.
All are very well designed and would be a wonderful addition to any home.

Creations by Fairie and Kre-ations

Creations by Fairie and


Next we have from Creations by Fairie this sweet little Faberge Rose Egg Earring and Necklace set which just happens to go so well with this classy, classic {purplepunk} mesh number by .::Kre-ations::. .
These and so very much more are available for a limited time only at the 2013 SL Buddywalk.
All proceeds to benefit Down Syndrome awareness. Where the merchants and creators make it so easy to give!

For a better view of the images, click on them and it will bring up a larger image.
More tomorrow!


Jan 202013

I haven’t yet released much into the wild in terms of mesh and the reason for that is largely me being a fussy bugger. The trouble with mesh is also part of the beauty of mesh, you have extra control over mesh and this leads to me constantly deciding I can do this better and never actually finishing my build, ignoring the advice I was given years ago in Second Life that at some point you have to say to hell with it, that will do, or you’ll never finish your build.

Years ago that was with relation to the dotted lines that appear on builds when you have certain settings, I would try and find ways to avoid it, someone then said to me that you just have to roll with it. I’m back there now with mesh, not with regards to dotted lines, but with worrying that I could be more efficient, that I can make the inside a lower LOD than the outside, as the inside doesn’t need to be seen from so far away, whether I should worry about inside faces in the roof space that probably won’t be used …. but what if someone wants to use it? Arghhhh!

I can then build a very basic roof, with insides, all in a low land impact modular roof, but you can’t rez inside said roof, you can drag things inside and rez them that way but that means any scripted items that rez inventory won’t work. This constant second guessing of use cases becomes stifling in the creation process, but I realise it’s me whose stifling myself.

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Nov 292012

Inara Pey’s blog post regarding the article in The Register about Second Life being a failed technology, raises some really interesting points in the comments. I’ll pick up on some of them with a blog or two. A good starting place is a comment from Ezra, who feels that in many ways Second Life has failed:

Features roll out half-ass (mesh without deformer, shared media 2 years before everyone has a viewer that can see it). Some square peg in round hole features gain little traction at all (who needs pathfinding and quasi-AI without riggable NPCs? Only so much willingness to swap sculpt maps to fake it.)

Good points, I don’t see these points as equating failure, but they are points worthy of further discussion. Mesh did seem to be rolled out with buildings and props in mind, it largely works well in those areas, but it does seem short sighted not think people would want Mesh clothing. Hence this oversight started to give birth to Qarl’s Mesh Deformer Project  and it’s still in labour from what I’ve seen! However this is a feature for which residents raised funds to bring to Second Life. although it is of course a project in co-operation with Linden Lab, the oversight is one that makes people feel that Linden Lab don’t see the big picture.

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Nov 202012
An Image Should Be Here

A New Mesh Path

So I decided it was time to engage in some building and set myself out a new Mesh path, a Mesh path is something that is very straight forward to build in a program such as Blender, it’s also very straight forward to UV Map, so if you’re thinking Mesh is just too complicated, I advise you to start with something straight forward like this. I’m not going to go through the process here, but I am going to go through why making a Mesh object have a physics shape of prim, rather than Convex Hull, can help things work nicely.

Now by default, Mesh will take on the physics shape of Convex Hull. There are many good reason for this, which I’m not going to discuss. However as we can see, my Mesh path is currently Convex Hull:

An Image Should Be Here

Convex Hull Shape

However there’s a problem, when I walk along my new funky Mesh path, I sink into the ground at the edges. At one end of my path are some steps, I actually end up falling down behind them, on the main path, you just sink slightly at the edges. Am I doing something wrong? Maybe, but after delving into the murky world of the official forums, being pointed at the Jira and getting some assistance from the ever helpful Drongle McMahon, I decided to change the physics shape to Prim and suddenly, it all works as expected!

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Apr 042012

I was reading a post from Hamlet Au over at New World notes regarding Mesh terrain, which you can read here. However what caught my attention most was a comment from Masami Kuramoto:

What mesh brings to the terraforming table is the option to use subtractive modeling. Think caves, tunnels, subway stations, underground cities. It’s all possible now.”

I’m not quite sure what Masami means, but the idea of sims being to have cave tunnels, subway stations and underground cities is something that could really add a new dynamic to Second Life. Think of exploring deep mines or dungeons. People have long wanted  to build underground in Second Life, the problem is, you can’t, you can’t build at a base level and then raise the terrain, that causes chaos, you get error messages or items returned to your lost and found.

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Jan 122012

The Mesh Forum has a post from Masami Kuramoto pointing to a mailing list discussion, which suggests that Blender, the hugely popular open source 3D creation tool, may soon drop support for COLLADA in release builds, if you’re unsure what any of this means, COLLADA is the format that users export their creations to from within Blender to make it Second Life compatible in terms of Mesh. The opening to the discussion reads:


As everybody noticed current collada importer/exporter is very buggy which seems to make this format almost useless in Blender. And what’s much worse — we don’t actually have developer who maintains this area.

We discussed this already with Campbell and found that OpenCollada itself isn’t actually maintaning — there are only few commits in several months. Ofcourse it doesn’t mean this library is useless and all bug from our tracker is related on that issues, but still.. Maybe the time have come to re-think this importer/exporter (investigate if it’s possible to fix issues in clear way, check if design is good enough — not sure, haven’t touched this code deep myself)?

Here’s our proposal: – Move all collada-related issues into it’s own tracker. Like it was done with BGE, it might help finding volunteer to fix them. Also, people will see that it’s not actually core stuff and that it’s community-supported. – Disable collada in release builds. It’s not useable and only seems to be making artists disappointed.

More optimistic targets would be find volunteer to pick up this stuff who will make it usable (maybe rewritting this stuff from scratch..)

— With best regards, Sergey Sharybin

This initially looks like a massive blow to Second Life’s Mesh implementation, but in reality it isn’t.

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Jan 022012

A few days ago I blogged about Mesh adoption and used 1920’s Berlin as an example of a sim that wasn’t currently allowing Mesh, the reasons for which had been detailed in a blog post, which can be read here. 1920’s Berlin sim owner and driving force Frau (Jo) Yardley has been stating that the stance was not an anti Mesh stance, but merely a no Mesh yet stance, Frau Yardley made this point in the original blog post and in comments, including in my original blog post.

However, now that we have hit the new year, 1920’s Berlin is moving towards mesh adoption, slowly but surely, as they enter 1929 in their story, a new blog post has appeared saying that Mesh is coming, which can be read here.  Two of the main reasons cited are that Mesh is already on the grid and that Mesh can save prims.

Frau Yardley writes: “To show you how Mesh will look in Berlin I have just placed our very first Mesh object in berlin. Go visit our old deaf Cordelia, behind Alexanderplatz Bahnhof. You know her old street organ that she has been playing for ages. I have put a Mesh version right next to it. Look at the quality and how many prims it uses, 18 vs 3! That should make clear why we really have to move on to Mesh!

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Jan 012012

First of all, Happy New Year to everyone.

The Mesh Clothing Parametric Deformer project has now reached an alpha release. At the end of yesterday’s MetaReality Podcast the news was broke that it would be released tomorrow .. which is today! Warning, the MetaReality podcast was live and the podcast posted is uncensored, I haven’t listend to it all yet so it may contain naughty words. A video has been released to show the code in action and to point out that it’s not finished:

This project is to make mesh clothing in Second Life more viable, the problem so far with Mesh clothing has been getting it to fit. This project goes some way to addressing that.

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Dec 292011

MaxTut Wonder has created a rather interesting Jira:

Very slow rezzing for Mesh – highest lod does not rez at all – cause traffic shaping by internet provider

ISP Traffic Shaping can be a pain, I’ve experienced woes before when World of Warcraft traffic wasn’t being identified correctly. My ISP is supposed to give priority to games and live video streaming, but during the WoW woes, WoW traffic wasn’t getting a priority.

However with regards to Second Life, I’ve never noticed anything untoward that would make me think traffic shaping was an issue and as I’m on a better package these days, I wouldn’t expect it to be an issue but MaxTut Wonder is claiming there is an issue for him when it comes to Mesh items rezzing and he’s convinced it’s due to traffic shaping, as he states within the Jira comments.

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