The WoodShed Ad
The WoodShed

The WoodShed

RH Engel and Rebel are co-owners and creators of “The WoodShed”.

Not only do they strive to bring you the best in furniture (Gothic Medieval Castle Furniture Gothic Furniture Medieval Castle FURNITURE Gorean Gor Furniture Castle Outdoor furniture), their creativeness expands to clothing, jewelry, and prefab houses.

The WoodShed Pic 2
The Wood Shed Pic 2

!Rebel Hope Gowns Wedding Dresses Formal Bridal Tuxedos – Their clothing line is the best in formal wear, gowns, tuxedos, bridal gowns, wedding attire, costumes, lingerie sales, and special editions.

RH Engel Fine Jewelry– RH Engel designs the very best in fine jewelry in Second Life. Beautiful wedding ring sets, necklaces, earrings and so much more!

RH Engel Fine Jewelry
RH Engel Fine Jewelry

We want to thank RH Engel and Rebel Hope of the “The WoodShed” for being a proud sponsor of this years SL Home & Garden Expo 2011 benefiting Relay for Life.

Thank You RH and Rebel!

Slave is an adult keyword

The maturity rating nonsense goes on with Linden Lab steadfastly refusing to let us have a sensible dialogue about these issues. Last night I had an issue whereby the parcels on my sim were only showing under adult search, so I contacted Live Chat, who weren’t seeing the problem. Live chat was back to a good sense of support, the guy was extremely polite and went through the steps, I cleared cache as advised and my parcels were moderate again. However they weren’t moderate when I used the website search, I had to add the add filter to see them, although this later rectified itself.

However my classifieds were still being incorrectly flagged as adult, and Linden Lab have so far offered no help whatsoever here, so it’s down to residents to try and help each other, but if you try and do that on the Jira or the blogrum, Linden Lab may well remove your helpful advice, this is quite frankly absurd.

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Inworld Classifieds get bit by Maturity Ratings Bug

There has been a lot of talk about how the maturity ratings bugs have plagued the Second Life Marketplace, merchants have found that their items are being flagged as moderate when there’s no obviously moderate material in the post. We’ve had laughter and frustration over “an”, “5”, “Six” and “X” being too hot to handle. However now we have another issue and this one certainly manifests itself inworld when using Viewer 2.4, I don’t know about other viewers.

The issue is with reagrds to inworld classifieds being filtered to the wrong category. I was alerted to this by Medhue Simoni’s post on the blogrums and sure enough, I found that my adverts for Pirate clothing and an advertisement for workers in a roleplay tavern could only be found in search if I ticked the adult rating box.

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One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Animation Override

The Second Life Marketplace maturity rating bugs are reaching comical levels right now, well comical for me as none of my items have moved rating, probably not comical for the merchants who are scratching their heads wondering what’s going on.

Reports have came in that “an”, “5”, “Six”, “AO” and “X” (uppercase) are considered too hot to handle for general audiences on SLM. There’s clearly a bug and it’s clearly teething problems but this has all got a bit silly very quickly, fortunately so silly that merchants seem to be seeing the funny side but one wonders how long their goodwill will last.

Brooke Linden, has been rather impressively communicating in the blogrums and reminds me somewhat of Pink … and look what happened to poor Pink in the end, I still don’t get why they’d let someone as talented as Pink go, whereas I often didn’t see eye to eye with Pink, the reason I didn’t see eye to eye was because she communicated, Brooke is certainly doing well in that department. Continue reading “One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Animation Override”

Marketplace maturity ratings off to shaky start

The new marketplace maturity ratings system, as announced here in the merchants round table on the official forum has got off to a shaky start, the first shaky start being moving the discussion thread to the merchants roundtable, because unless Linden Lab have changed something, plenty of merchants won’t even have access to that forum…..ah someone has their eye on the ball, since I first posted this and people mentioned it being in the rountable, someone at Linden Lab has sensibly moved the discussion back to the commerce forum where people do have access.  Another part of the shaky start being people wondering why their items have been set to a certain maturity level, general, moderate or adult being the levels.

This is a sensible approach from Linden Lab, maturity ratings on the marketplace should match those inworld, so this is a sensible move. This really should have happened long ago, but one wonders whether Linden Lab departments actually converse with each other, not only because this change has been brought in because of the arrival of teens on the grid, meaning it really should have happened prior to the grid merge, but also because the maturity ratings appear to be different to those inworld in terms of content. Continue reading “Marketplace maturity ratings off to shaky start”