Female Avatars More Likely To Be Scantily Clad Shocker!

I’m not sure what surprises me more, the fact that a University have been studying whether male or female avatars show more skin, or whether it’s discovering there’s a Laval University in  Canada!

Geekosystem and abc news both cover this report and both appear to have their tongues in their cheeks, which isn’t that surprising.

The study was conducted by Laval University by researchers studying more than 400 avatars. The results were that 71 percent of male avatars kept at least 75 percent of their body covered, whereas only 5 percent of females did. At the other end of the spectrum, female avatars revealed 25 to 49 percent of their flesh, as opposed to just 9 percent of males.

I’m a tad bemused as to what the aim of this report was, you can tell that females reveal more skin from males from just looking at clothing lines on the marketplace, indeed there are often complaints that female avatars have too much choice of what is termed, slutwear, and nowhere near enough choice when it comes to a more conservative choice. I’m not a fashionista so I can’t really comment on how the land lies but female avatars revealing more flesh than males is not a surprise to me.

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