Nov 172013

Dee Before The Storm

Rather freakily, as I was getting this image of the Isle Of Dee before the storm caused by the tier monster sunk the island,  “We’ll Meet Again” started playing on the stream from the machinima expo. Which is very fitting because for many of the evacuees from the old Isle Of Dee, they will indeed be meeting again.

The calm before the storm above was soon replaced by Dee sinking beneath the waves, even the Goblin King couldn’t escape the barrage:

The Sinking Of Dee

The citizens fled, on ships, there are always ships involved. Tales of the adventures that took place on those ships may or may not be told:

Dee Evacuation


Those ships took the hardy citizens to a halfway house but now I’m reliably informed they’ve also found a new place to call home.

Arrival Point Isle Of Dee


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Jun 152013
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Isle Of Dee St Vitus Festival

My chief Elf poked me asking me why I hadn’t blogged about the festival on my sim where she’s the admin……. erm I was playing Diablo III and forgot isn’t a good excuse, so I tried to perform magic on her but she just glared and handed me some notes. Now first thing, this is on a roleplaying sim and medieval or mythical attire is required for this event, it’s not required for all events but it is for this one, however if you fancy popping along free avatars are provided. Now for some blurb.

Hear ye Hear ye!

Traditionally, the Isle of Dee Citizens celebrate St Vitus Day with a Festival of games, shows, competitions, wondrous wonders, surprising surprises!



So one of the surprises could be me forgetting to blog about it? Umm The Elf just shakes her head and tells me that’s no surprise. Ok so time to blog about what is happening. but first here’s what happened yesterday:

FRIDAY, 14th June, Opening Day

All the day: Games Carnivale Circus

 All day on request – Madame Can Gypsy fortune telling

 10 AM slt – Circus Tent Stage – The Mentalist

And here’s what you’ve missed so far today:

SATURDAY , 15th June

9 AM slt – 3 PM slt – Bath House Opening Party

 11 AM slt – Silent Poems

However all is not lost, because there’s still stuff to come! Which I’ll list below the cut.

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May 012013
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May Festival In Dee

I’m a tad concerned about my chief Elf, she seems to have started writing in the style of me! Anyway, we’re having a festival on my roleplaying sim, it would be better if you tried to fit in with the surroundings if you do visit, there are free outfits available. Details at this point are a bit sketchy, but it seems to involve beer, women and dancing round the Maypole! Official notice below:


Come and join our celebrations of the return of the sun from its long winter slumber and the re-awakening of the land.

Quaff tankards of foaming ale in the ‘Cock a Hoop’ Tavern; Dance around the Maypole with lusty maidens; drag one off and throw up in the bushes…. no hold on that should be ‘drag one off and throw her in the bushes.

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Feb 152013


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Isle Of Dee Event

Friday, February 15  – Valentines Heartblood Suckerpunch Party

Competitions and games ~ partner exchange ~ martial bitchfight ~ best in ripped heart.

Sick and romantic music : DJ Purgatori Gravedigger Noodles

Invited: everyone

Time : we start 1 pm slt – end: when the dj explodes.

With DJ PURGS, the one and only crazy purgshead in SL

Of course, there are prizes and $L to win as usual at Isle of Dee parties.


Oct 222012

It is time to regroup, rebond and rebound!

The Barcic Circle, held at the big tree in the village is to be held today at 1pm SLT.

Stories, poems, recounting of events in Dee, whatever you want to share.

All races, genters and persuasions are welcome .

Medieval Roleplay event so please were suitable attire.



Oct 142011

Isle of Dee Hallow'Dee'N

The roleplayers on my roleplaying sim have decided to hold a week long festival entitled Hallow’Dee’n … I suggested it might be better to hold this next week and run into Halloween, to which they responded:

Halloween is a popular time of year.

People will be doing their own thing.

Are you nuts?


So it’s happening this week instead, with two Saturday parties, some games, competitions, quests a fashion show … a medieval style fashion show.

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