LoveFest In Second Life Opens August 17th

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The sixth annual Lovefest takes place in Second Life August 17th – August 27th. This is a festival to celebrate the work of HP Lovecraft.

An inworld notecard at the Lovecraft inspired Innsmouth region provides the following information :

LoveFest 2017 is the 6th annual HP Lovecraft Festival of Second Life. LoveFest schedules to occur 7-10 days around the birthday of our “patron author” HP Lovecraft – August 20. This year’s Fest will take place August 17-27, 2017, celebrating Mr. Lovecraft’s 127th birthday.

Each year LoveFest prepares a full sim dedicated solely to this event, including:

The Kingsport Merchant Quarter and Waterfront:

Kingsport, Massachusetts – a city out of Lovecraft Lore, known as a community of artists and artisans which thrives mostly from tourism. Featuring dozens of stores of merchants from all across Second Life, our theatre and a full schedule of entertainment and activities for all,
and waterfront warves of market and other interests.

Innsmouth Attack

The Miskatonic University Expedition Pier:

Office and staging site for the renowned Miskatonic University’s
worldwide exploratory and research expeditions, this year
taking enlisting team members for a voyage to a remote area
in the South Pacific for a deep sea exploration task force.

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There’s Still Time To Visit The H.P. Lovecraft Festival In Second Life But Steer Clear Of The Giant Octopus!

Giant Octopus

The good news for those of you who haven’t yet visited the H.P. Lovecraft inspired LoveFest 2015 in Second Life is that it runs until August 23rd. The bad news is that if you’re planning to travel by sea you will have to ensure your captain steers a tidy path away from a Giant Octopus!

Welcome To Hell

Things wind down tomorrow in terms of events, but today’s calendar includes :

  • The Elysium Cabaret Dancers delight with a repeat performance of their burlesque spectacle!
  • Cordie and Beth’s creep show where they will delight with their combination act of dance and standup comedy! This is a Voice event!
  • The Carella Ross Hour, singer  Carella Ross ( has prepared a selection of her music, Hosted by F尺モれ乙ㄚ.
  • Cabaret Sybarite Finale, Music After Dark with DJ Fitch Lekvoda, the DJ entertains with her choices of music dark and gothic in this, the final act at the Cabaret Sybarite!

So plenty of entertainment choices, otherwise you can explore, shop or talk to people!

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H.P. Lovecraft Festival In Second Life Scheduled To Run August 15th – 23rd


The 2015 H.P. Lovecraft Festival in Second Life is scheduled to run from August 15th – 23rd. The event promises music, rides, events, a market full of vendors and a multi sim story quest in the shape and form of The Heart of Llhao Story Quest.

Abandoned Vehicles & Buildings

The adventure describes itself as :

This year’s Lovecraft Festival is thrilled to present our multi-sim Lovecraftian Story Quest adventure ‘The Heart of Llhao”

You find yourself at the renowned Miskatonic University of Arkham, Massachusetts, where a recently discovered American Indian artifact, “The Heart of Llhao,” was scheduled to be unveiled to the public. Tragically, the item has been stolen, and the university has become a crime scene investigation.

Inspect the area, gather clues and items of interest, and follow the trail to find and recover this mysterious relic of tribal legend!

This event is designed as an interactive “who-dun-it” with a decidedly Lovecraft-inspired edge.

In addition to the story and journey, there will be freebee items to collect along the way, and prizes to be awarded…

…and, of course, a guaranteed finale to truly honor the spirit of H.P. Lovecraft’s eerie, often horrific, endings!

This sounds rather interesting. The festival also has an added charity angle as proceeds from the event will go to Autcom, The National Autism Committee.

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