Protecting The Teens Is Stifling The Community

Yesterday I mentioned that Linden Lab’s intent to provide a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered (here on in abbreviated to LGBT) forum could be misconstrued because there was mention of the forum being private or age restricted. The people who were in favour of this forum, people such as Amanda, Lexie and Blondin are not homophobic, old fashioned or insensitive to the LGBT community, but someone at Linden Lab seems to have a book of moral code straight out of the 1950’s.

This isn’t just a problem for an LGBT forum, it’s an issue for events where music from John Lee Hooker could be problematic, it was problematic on the forum where Dick Van Dyke was a no no at one stage, it’s problematic on the Jira where you can’t tell someone a master and slave device gets a product flagged as adult, it’s problematic on the marketplace where the ridiculous no references to alcohol rule is listed, although I’m not sure it’s enforced. The latter is particularly absurd as World of Warcraft which is aimed at those thirteen upwards, has plenty of references to alcohol, so whomever it is at Linden Lab who lives in fear of sixteen year olds being exposed to such things, should be asking Blizzard why it doesn’t bother them one iota.

However the problem really isn’t to do with exteme moral thinking, it’s to do with laibilities and the teens, and the poor teens don’t deserve to be being used as a political football.

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2011 – Linden Lab really need to listen to their users

2011 promises to be an interesting year for Second Life, a new CEO, Mesh, LL finally looking at inworld activities other than shopping if their blog post about games in Second Life is anything to go by.

The Linden Department of public works, who don’t get anywhere near enough credit, have been quietly going about their business of installing switches on the railway network known as the SLRR, as explained here by Michael Linden.

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Terrence Linden Talks To The Teens

Blaze Borgin, a teen grid resident, has posted a log of yesterday’s meeting between Terrence Linden and the teens (sounds like the title of a bad family comedy) here.

I must admit, it doesn’t fail to disappoint, it does however make it abundantly clear that the environment remains unsuitable for teens and Linden Lab are burying their heads in the sand on this merger. An example can be seen with regards to the sticky area of mature and PG sims bordering each other, which has long been an issue on mainland, Terrence completely dodges the issue:

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