Apr 092011

Auctions end today for Fantasy Faire 2011, you can go and bid on items by following this SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fantasy%20Faire%20Central/206/41/22

Today I’ve been visiting the sims that I haven’t been to, which were the following (Links are SLURLS)

Dark Mirage

Sea of Mer

Forest of Light

Exotic Worlds

Enchanted Mysts

Today was also the day on which monies raised by Fantasy Faire 2011 for Relay went over the four million Linden Dollars mark. Below the cut I have some pictures …. yes this could get like showing someone your holiday snaps!

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Apr 082011

I blame Torley for this …I’m getting into taking photos in Second Life and enjoying it too much, even if the results aren’t great, it’s fun and a great way to record happenings in Second Life. Fantasy Faire 2011 is into day seven now, but day six saw L$510,804 raised bringing the total amount raised to more than USD$14,700.

Milestones from this year’s Fantasy Faire include:

  • More money raised by day three this year than for the whole of Fantasy Faire 2010.
  • By day six the total for all of last year’s relay season had been broken in terms of the Fantasy Faire team!

The aim this year is to raise USD$20,000 overall and it’s looking like a wonderful effort by all so far.

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Apr 052011

Luna Barak is well known in roleplaying circles in Second Life, her product lines of Moonstruck and Fantavatar have been seen in many places, so it was a pleasure to be assigned to cover Luna and her presence at Fantasy Faire 2011. Again I’m in the Fantastical and Magical sim and you can teleport there by clicking the following link:


Outside Moonstruck/Fantavatar store

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Apr 042011

Today it’s the turn of Alrunia Ahn and Mandragora to come under the spotlight, to get to the location inworld then click on the following link (which is the SLURL)

Fantasy Faire 2011 Fantastical and Magical Sim

Mandragora requires some full disclosure, because the creator behind Mandragora, Alrunia Ahn is my Chief Elf on the Isle Of Dee, AKA Runa The Elf (Or that pesky Elf) so I know her already! However that doesn’t mean I know everything about The Elf.

Mandragora Shop at Fantasy Faire 2011

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Apr 032011

I’ll confess here that I’m highly unlikely to be able to keep up with the events for Fantasy Faire 2011, I work full time and these notices often come out when I’ll be writing vbscript to do something with Active Directory.

However today I am in a position to blog about events, so, after the cut, here’s today’s lineup with SLT time used.

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Apr 032011

Day one of Fantasy Faire was a raging success and thanks to the support of the Second Life community has managed to raise more than USD$1600, that brings the total so far to USDL$1.62 Million, that is over $6500 USD.  This is a excellent start to the 2011 Fantasy Faire.

This is great for Relay For Life and The American Cancer society.

For my part I spent day one blogging about the Oran Store and their wonderful creations, which I blogged here.

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Apr 022011

Fantasy Faire 2011 is open and you can go there – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fantasy%20Faire%20Central/131/127/24

My assignment has been to the Fantastical and Magical sim –  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fantastical%20and%20Magical/63/129/23

To that end I’ve been introduced to the weird and wonderful creations of the Oran Store and their spokeswoman, Inish Karu, who is absolutely delightful to chat with, there is more than one creator involved in this venture you see and they make trees, benches, thrones and Gnomes …. yes Gnomes!

Smoking Gnome

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Mar 142011

Official Press Release regarding this year’s Fantasy Faire 2011, complete with some info on sponsors.

Fantasy Faire 2011 Logo

Fantasy Faire 2011

* * Fantasy Faire 2011, April 2 – 10th * *

Proudly brought to you by
Friends Fighting Cancer
Strong!  Together!

With The Spirit of Hope!

From Saturday April 2nd to Sunday April 10th 2011, thousands of Second Life residents and creators are coming together to support the American Cancer Society’s vision of a world without cancer.  Friends Fighting Cancer (FFC) have transformed nine sims of Second Life into a fantasy wonderland:  the Fantasy Faire 2011 to benefit Relay for Life of Second Life (RFL of SL).
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Mar 122011

I think I’ve discovered why my forum post asking if people were participating in or attending Fantasy Faire 2011 was nuked, leading to a moderator warning for me, it seems that the guidelines on community participation forbid references to websites if they promote specific merchants or services and the Fantasy Faire 2011 website does have merchants who are attending the event there, I still don’t see how that really falls foul of the spamming reference, or why it’s forbidden in the Roleplaying forum as it’s a Roleplaying event, but there you go.

Others have found that referencing other wesbites that have the answer to a question in the answers section, also ends up with your post being deleted. The thing lacking here is of course common sense, and it’s all the more galling when you consider that Linden Lab are happy to push people towards Facebook and Twitter to find information about what’s going on in Second Life.

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Mar 112011

So I asked in the Roleplaying forum:

In April Fantasy Faire 2011 will be upon us, as explained here.

Anyone displaying anything there, or planning on visiting?

Then away I went and played some Goblin power in WoW for a bit and returned to find, my post has been deleted and I’ve received a warning for violating the rules. Now my first reaction isn’t suitable for a PG blog, nor was my second, third or fourth. Seriously, in a roleplaying forum about roleplay in Second Life, I’m not allowed to discuss one of the biggest roleplay events of the year or provide background to it by linking to their website?

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