Events Forum Arrives, Web Classifieds Vanish

Two items to talk about, one potentially very good, one potentially not so good. Let’s start with the good, it appears that Linden Lab have finally started to listen to me and have introduced a new forum on the official forums, that is Events! Wait wait, didn’t they already have an Events forum? No, not quite, they have an Event Producers forum, which is a place to discuss best practices, the new Events forum looks like it’s a place for posting …. events!

Why is this good (besides it being my suggestion … which may make some wonder what LL are smoking!) well, it gives users another avenue to post events, it has the potential for people to find out more about events that are running and therefore find out more about the activities that take place in Second Life.

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Inworld Classifieds get bit by Maturity Ratings Bug

There has been a lot of talk about how the maturity ratings bugs have plagued the Second Life Marketplace, merchants have found that their items are being flagged as moderate when there’s no obviously moderate material in the post. We’ve had laughter and frustration over “an”, “5”, “Six” and “X” being too hot to handle. However now we have another issue and this one certainly manifests itself inworld when using Viewer 2.4, I don’t know about other viewers.

The issue is with reagrds to inworld classifieds being filtered to the wrong category. I was alerted to this by Medhue Simoni’s post on the blogrums and sure enough, I found that my adverts for Pirate clothing and an advertisement for workers in a roleplay tavern could only be found in search if I ticked the adult rating box.

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What Are Linden Lab playing at with Classifieds?

I don’t know if it’s my mood that has added to my annoyance with the latest blog and emails about classifieds, I have the cough from hell and I’m currently doing an extremely impressive impression of Grumpy, but the events have certainly rubbed me up the wrong way. First of all I awake from a nap to check my emails and find emails from LL telling me how they’ve nerfed inworld classifieds, and of course they go with the tired old BS of telling me this nerf is an imporvement and then I read Nelson’s blog post about a new classified beta, this right after reading how they are nerfing inworld classifieds.

They should be treated as separate issues, although one can’t help but wonder if the deliberate and destructive nature of LL’s approach to inworld classifieds is to encourage the big players to move to the new system as well as giving them advantages inworld that their classifieds wouldn’t previously have had, again we seem to be back to LL being hostile to medium to small business owners, I have no idea why they do this. Continue reading “What Are Linden Lab playing at with Classifieds?”

Inworld Classifieds To Have 256 Character Limit?

I found an odd issue whilst using the beta version of Viewer 2 recently, one of my classifieds had been torn apart and there wasn’t much text left. I felt that this may have been an accident carried out by me, possibly whilst drunk, so I decided I better rectify it and found out I couldn’t. I was unable to add any more text to the classified description, I thought little of this, it was one advert and I’m using a beta viewer, no biggie.

However today I have discovered the cause of the problem, it’s a bug that limits classifieds to 64 measly characters, well there’s a Jira about it, so it must be good hey, but …and it’s a big but, the Jira itself, STORM-577 has some rather worrying revelations in it and some odd guys called “productEngine” posting there. Continue reading “Inworld Classifieds To Have 256 Character Limit?”