LL Receive Short Shrift From Bloggers

Linden Lab’s call for bloggers has received short shrift from quite a few bloggers, although I’m sure there will be some who will play ball. There have been negative posts from Inara Pey, Hamlet Au, Chestnut Rau, Crap Mariner (very humourosuly too) and another humourous take from Botgirl Questi.

On the official blog post there are also negative reactions, even Marianne McCann pours scorn on the deal, when Mari thinks something is a bad idea you really need to stop and think. Whomever came up with this idea must feel a bit like Andrew Lansley trying to get his wretched NHS bill through the house of commons, however to be fair, Linden Lab’s plan is nowhere near as evil as Andrew Lansley’s NHS bill!

I still think the idea has some merit, it’s not something I would personally participate in but there’s merit to the suggestion. Highlighting other bloggers and their views can help with reach, introduce people to new aspects of Second Life and demonstrate that there’s more to Second Life than a 3D chatroom, of course us Second Life regulars know there’s more to it than that but for someone investigating Second Life, the main website is a good starting point and should be full of the diversity of Second Life.

However, as with a lot of things Linden Lab have done over the years, it ain’t what they do, it’s the way that they do it.

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LL Call For Bloggers

Linden Lab have posted a blog post, which is surprising enough in itself, but it’s also one that could be very productive. Linden Lab are asking for bloggers to submit posts to them for consideration to be published on their community blogging platform. The blog post is here. There are guidelines, which should be observed, the sticking point for some bloggers is going to be Linden Lab’s insistence that the content needs to be exclusive to them, I don’t really understand why they have that restriction.

However overall the idea is a good one because it allows a wider scope for Linden Lab to advertise their wares. I’ve spoken before about how Linden Lab could do with someone blogging about Second Life’s broad range of activities, having bloggers submit posts is one way of addressing that.

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Just Who Are The Second Life Press?

Coming to the second life press near you soon, a second life press conference with invited reporters from the second life press. Just who the second life press are is a mystery to me but it would appear that the Lindens have selected and nominated special representatives. Did Nobody Fugazi get an invite?

This does show that LL are willing to work on new ways of communication. Unfortunately it also undermines current means of communication, and if these press conferences are used to announce new features or reveal more information than is divulged at office hours, it pretty much makes office hours redundant for some LL management … maybe that’s the plan?

The new governance office hours have certainly taken the sting out of Robin Linden’s office hour and anyone who has attended a non technical office hour surely can’t have missed the fact that very little gets said during that hour. People typing away with different agendas, criss-crossing questions and very little time for a specific answer. Continue reading “Just Who Are The Second Life Press?”