Fantasy Faire 2017 LitFest – Tolkien Day, Seanan McGuire & More

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One of my favourite recent additions to Fantasy Faire has been the literary festival; LitFest and this will be held again this year with a very packed schedule over the 10 days of Fantasy Faire.

LitFest involves talks by authors, creative writing sessions, discussions, performances, open mic sessions, storytelling, poetry, tours, writing challenges and much more.

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Author Seanan McGuire will be a featured guest. Seanan is the author of the October Daye and Incryptid urban fantasies.

April 25th will be Tolkien Day, with the work of J.R.R. Tolkien being celebrated. Previous Fantasy Faires have featured Pratchett day, celebrating the work of Terry Pratchett and Shakesepeare day, celebrating the work of Shakespeare, no great mystery there.

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Fantasy Faire 2017 Quest – Farion The Pixie Needs Your Help!

Gwarda And The King

Many would say that the whole of Fantasy Faire 2017 is a quest, indeed I’ve had many a quest at past Fantasay Faire locations without actually being in the official quest area.

However there will be an official quest this year, and this one is The Bard Queen’s Song, which involves Farion The Pixie realising that his boss, The Bard Queen, has been missing for a bit longer than usual and this makes Farion realise something may very well be amiss.


His boss has gone missing and he (and The Lads) have come to the conclusion that, while she’s been known to do this sort of thing before, something’s not right about this one. Were Farion a noodle seller from Kakushi Pasu this wouldn’t be a problem, but Farion (and The Lads) work for the Bard Queen – and an absent Bard Queen is bad news for the Fairelands.

Farion (and the lads, although they are not quite as keen as Farion) would like a bit of help finding out what has happened to The Bard Queen.

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Fantasy Faire 2016 Wants DJ’s, Writers, Artists & Bloggers But The Clock Is Ticking

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One of the cool things about The Fantasy Faire team is that they provide all these banners for you to publish (but please keep the aspect ratio), which is nice. Anyway, more importantly, Fantasy Faire 2016 have published posts asking for applications from artists, writers, DJ’s and bloggers for this year’s event, but the clock is ticking on applications.

During Fantasy Faire they have, Fantasy Faire Radio and recently they asked for Songweavers to apply for this year’s event :

Do you want to join the Sound of the Fairelands, be one of the voices weaving songs together to conjure audible magic? This is your chance!

In the link you will find an application form with further details, important details they are too, so if you are interested in being a DJ, read the application form in full.

Wildehaven Marsh

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