Fennux Breedables Advertising Hits Second Life Website

Back on March 12th Linden Lab blogged about advertising on Second Life properties. There has been no further update but the people behind Fennux breedables have managed to take advantage of Google advertising by getting an advert for their product and website onto the Second Life website, well the forums in my case, that’s where I saw the advert.

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Fennux Advert

I’m not sure  whether they’re engaged in a general google advertising campaign or whether they’ve targetted the Second Life website for their adverts.

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Just What Is The Beef With Advertising?

Banner advertising on the Second Life website has came in for some fierce criticism, some of the criticism has been constructive and some of it is plain bizarre.

The constructive criticism includes suggestions that premium or concierge members shouldn’t see the adverts once they’re logged in. This isn’t an unusual step, I can recall Livejournal implementing a feature such as this whereby paid members didn’t see the adverts. Livejournal is of course a platform where the users are the content, free or paid, but removing advertising from paid accounts seemed to be a happy compromise.

Another constructive criticism is suggesting that adverts shouldn’t appear on the dashboard and there’s some merit to this too, it’s better to keep the advertising away from areas where people want to feel secure in their dealings, even if there are no security implications.

However some of the criticism is plain odd. I usually turn off signatures on the Second Life forums, but I turned them on today and lo’ and behold some of the people complaining about banner advertising, have adverts for their products or services in their signatures, do they realise this? Do they realise they are criticising advertising whilst advertising?

Now signatures are easy to turn off, but you can get applications that will block advertising too and they aren’t too tricky to install. I’m left pondering that the issue isn’t advertising in itself, it’s the kind of advertising that’s at the heart of the matter.

Everytime I login to Second Life I see adverts, message of the day, destinations, events, they are all advertising, but they are relevant to the Second Life service and I think that may be where people feel these banner adverts on the website cross the line.

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Linden Lab Appear To Be Embracing Google Adsense

I noticed a thread on the official forum: Banner ads on SecondLife.com. I hadn’t noticed the banner ads, so I went back to some of the main pages such as the destination guide and then logged out and in and observed that there are indeed banner ads, I tried to grab a screenshot but it’s hard to make out:

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Ads on Main Page

Now these adverts look like Google Adsense to me, indeed I saw one down the side for Linden Lab’s Patterns. I think a move such as this is long overdue to be honest, Linden Lab should be looking to monetise their website and as it stands it’s not too intrusive, but have they actually thought this through and blocked some advertisers? Otherwise some of us will see IMVU adverts there!

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The Problem Of PG Guidelines

There are a couple of issues doing the rounds at the moment, which initially seem unrelated but at the heart of them there is a link, well I’m going to link them anyway!

The first issue is the Star Trek CBS Copyright infringement thread. The thread has some interesting commentary, in particular on page 4 where KellyO Mayo suggests Linden Lab come to an arrangement with CBS and introduce a system that pays a percentage of sales to a CBS account in return for allowing Star Trek items  to be sold on the grid.

Edie Shoreland gives the idea short shrift and suggests it should be residents who negotiate any such deals.

Both of them make good points, but really, there should be room for both arrangements, the glaring problem for a Linden Lab initiative is that the grid is not PG only and many brands get the heebie jeebies about being associated with any sort of image of a female nipple, although they’re happy as Larry to see their brands being perused on beaches in hotter climates where there are female nipples aplenty. I won’t get into a rant on the silliness of this but it does tie in with another issue, the IHeartSL fashion feed has gone PG according to reports, including a report over at New World Notes by Iris Ophelia.

One of the suggested reasons for the IheartSL change of heart …. oh dear… oh where was I, oh yes, one of the suggested reasons for the change of policy is that IheartSl runs Google Adsense and the guidelines for participating are basically that your site should be PG. Which links in with the issue of whether Linden Lab would be able to gain traction with brand partnerships whilst large parts of the grid are not PG.

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BACK TO THE 50’S WEEKEND – Relay For Life

50s Weekend Ad
50s Weekend RFL

5th Annual
Relay for Life of Second Life Multi-Team Event
June 10th-12th, 2011

Thank you to Drive In sponsor Nexxus and Carnival Sponsor Lil’ Sugar Shack!

Sponsored by RunAround Sue’s, RFL Back To The 50’s

Get out those poodle skirts, bobby socks and saddle shoes or the leather jackets, cuffed jeans and don those ducktails, we’re headed back to the 50’s! It’s time for the 5th Annual Back to the 50’s Weekend for Relay for Life! It’s all happening June 10th, 11th and 12th, 2011.

The weekend begins with a Sock Hop and a Skating Party with some of SL’s excellent DJs. on June 10th, from 6-8 PM.

Saturday will see festivities all day long. The carnival opens at 9 am. Carnival rides, game booths, the mechanical bull (with a FABULOUS grand prize); kissing booth; Dunk Tank; carnival clowns and watch out for the Police who will be slamming all hooligans straight in the slammer. Send out a warrant and have them arrested Yep,they’ll have to bail their way out. The Classic Car Contest returns on Friday night, where you can vote over and over again for your favorites. Be sure and visit the Labyrinth, too.. who knows the fun twists and turns that could take? Saturday will end with another Sock Hop and Skating Party.

Be sure and shop our town shoppes and look for the special things selling especially for RFL, by some our RFL teams!

The fun continues all day Sunday, the 12th and ends with skating party at 6pm or a double feature at the drive-in movie theater from 6-9pm SLT.

It’s a jam-packed oldie, but goodie weekend.. and it’s all for Relay for Life!

Be There or Be Square!

Schedule of Team Events

Friday, June 10, 2011

Sock Hop
6pm-8pm SLT
Team: RFL Harmony of Hope
with DJ Mordred Lectar

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sock Hop
Team: Relay for Hope
with DJ bball Braveheart

Skating Party
6-8pm SLT
Team: Breeders Hope for Cure
with DJ Ronson Drucker

Dunk Tank
10am-3pm SLT
Team: Circle of Life

Dunk Tank
3pm-8pm SLT
Team: Dominion RFL of SL

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dunk Tank
10am-5pm SLT

Shayla Juran spins the 50’s
Live at the carnival

Skating Party
6-8pm SLT
Team: Heros for Life
with DJ NightWalker Galaxy

Sunday Night at the Drive-In
6pm-9pm SLT
Team: Passionate Redheads
Movies: Blue Hawaii & Viva Las Vegas

Events Covering All Three Days

Kissing Booth
Team: Marga-Relay-Ville Team

Team: Aether Chrononauts

Classic Car Contest & Raffle
Team: Radicals for Life

Town Shoppes
Children’s Light
Remembering Our Friends Memorial Angels
Friends Fighting Cancer
Rays of Hope