Age Verficiation Goes Grid Wide

I’m reporting to you live from a land bot meeting. All I’m saying about that is Captcha. Sarah Nerd will fill you in with the broader details… apparently they are now proposing a bot that can do unimaginable things to females!

No i’m here to talk about ….age verfication going grid wide as reported in the blog by Robin Linden …she has a sexy accent you know. However even that can’t win me over on this issue.

I’ve often heard people say that LL don’t listen. This is a classic example. There are people complaining about privacy laws in their country. There are people complaining about it not working, there are people pointing out the flaws. All these issues were raised when it first went out to concierge customers and we’re still awaiting responses, of course this is now extended beta but this is bordering on the absurd. Continue reading “Age Verficiation Goes Grid Wide”

You Have No Useful Privacy

The new search. My big fear is spam. All the useful information is available to spammers, my name, my avatar key. Free accounts available. I play world of warcraft when I have time. If you post on the forums, you’ll get spammed.

So why isn’t this a problem with SL? Well with SL you need to sign in to the forums to use them, this makes it a pain for those who want to collate names and spam people, until now that is.

The new search provides all the information spammers need. Free accounts mean they can sign up and have no worries and most ridiculous of all, if you opt out of profile search, any information that spammers need is readily available, any information that residents need … well that’s not available. Continue reading “You Have No Useful Privacy”

Land Overhaul

I am amongst my SL sins, a land dealer. I rent mainland and estate and both of them could learn something from the other. I’d really like to see the land purchasing system overhauled.

In particular estate land. The interface for estate land should be different and to this end I’ve created a Jira proposal that proposes:

The estate land buying system is often confusing to residents. To this end it would be useful if the UI was different for estate land purchases.

1. Replace the window that states that your tier payments won’t increase with a warning box that says something like “Although you will not be billed by Linden Lab for owning this land, you may have to pay the estate owner, please carefully read the covenant”. Continue reading “Land Overhaul”

Just Who Are The Second Life Press?

Coming to the second life press near you soon, a second life press conference with invited reporters from the second life press. Just who the second life press are is a mystery to me but it would appear that the Lindens have selected and nominated special representatives. Did Nobody Fugazi get an invite?

This does show that LL are willing to work on new ways of communication. Unfortunately it also undermines current means of communication, and if these press conferences are used to announce new features or reveal more information than is divulged at office hours, it pretty much makes office hours redundant for some LL management … maybe that’s the plan?

The new governance office hours have certainly taken the sting out of Robin Linden’s office hour and anyone who has attended a non technical office hour surely can’t have missed the fact that very little gets said during that hour. People typing away with different agendas, criss-crossing questions and very little time for a specific answer. Continue reading “Just Who Are The Second Life Press?”

RL Store With SL Attitude

On a trip to Vegas I decided to buy the missus some lingerie from Victoria Secret to return home with as I hadn’t won the jackpot on the slots at MGM. The pleasant shop assistant tried to help me as we made gestures with our hands about the size and shape of the person whom I was buying for (in case sizes were different in America). The upshot being that we were both pointing at her breasts to try and come to an understanding. Ah, awkwardness.

There’s always awkwardness when I visit a RL lingerie store. You know, she goes to the changing room and I wait patiently, head down wishing for a sign above my head saying “My missus is in the changing room …honest!”. Sometimes another guy will be there, you pass the understanding nod at each other and keep your eyes on the ground, before the female other half appears and gives you the “Don’t be so silly” frown. Continue reading “RL Store With SL Attitude”