The Second Life Cataclysm

World of Warcraft is largely expected to experience The Shattering next week, a time when Deathwing wreaks havoc and brings chaos to Azeroth by changing the landscape, another step in the direction of their Cataclysm expansion pack. There have already been a number of pre Cataclysm events in World of Warcraft, including this week’s chaos when Elementals tried to invade the major cities.

Linden Lab are also unleashing events to mark their Cataclysm, when the teens are welcomed with open arms to the grid, this has a scheduled release date of the end of this year, but that may change, although it’s highly unlikely to happen on December 7th. We’ve already experienced a number of pre events too, the search game when you had to figure out why your parcel didn’t show in search when multiple maturity ratings were selected was one event quest, another was when those humourous Lindens decided that a parcel that had PG content but sat on mature/moderate land should be filtered out of PG search, because hey it’s mature land you silly people and even though the content may be completely PG, we don’t want the teens knowing it exists. Continue reading “The Second Life Cataclysm”

Consumers Count

A copule of issues continue to raise their heads, viewer 2 and camping being the ones on my mind right now, well getting to the pub for a lunchtime pint and watching a bit of footie are at the forefront of my mind but that will happen shortly.

There’s a thread on the blogrums asking if the camping ban should be lifted and there’s a deliberately provocative open letter to viewer 2 haters, from Aeonix Aeon in the form of a blog post over at The Andromeda Group blog.

Let’s start with the camping ban, we’ll never know if the camping ban has had an impact on the economy, people don’t analyse the statistics enough to prove whether there has been an impact one way or another. Camping was however one way for people to earn Linden dollars and I would imagine most of those Linden dollars were used to either buy items or pay rent, I definitely know people who used camping money for rent. The issues of camping were of course related to traffic wars and morphed into bot wars where people would have bots on their land 24/7 to artificially inflate their traffic score and get a leg up in the search stakes. Continue reading “Consumers Count”

The Digital Revolution

A post by Hamlet Au over at New World Notes, refers to an interesting, but off base in my opinion, article by Edward Castronova over at Terra Nova. Basically Edward Castronova ponders whether people spending more time online has the potential to be an important factor in a real world recession. The answer of course, is yes it does, but not for the reasons Edward Castronova seems to cite.

I’m not even going to attempt to get into a discussion about Keynsian economics, I’m not an economist. However, the Edward Castronova article does mention Keynsian economics, so if that’s your bag, I recommend you read the full article, I’m going to look at this from a different angle, where I feel Mr Castronova is somewhat missing the point is when he says things like:

“People who spend time online don’t have to worry about what they are wearing. Suppose that some percent of a given day can be spent in pajama’s, the rest must be spent in decent clothes. For decent clothes, you need a whole and varied wardrobe. For PJ’s, you need a few comfy ones. Now increase the amount of time that can be spent in PJ’s. The demand for decent clothes falls, if ever so slightly. The internet allows us to do all kinds of stuff in our PJ’s – so it must have an ever so slightly dampening effect on the market for fashion.” Continue reading “The Digital Revolution”

Inworld Classifieds To Have 256 Character Limit?

I found an odd issue whilst using the beta version of Viewer 2 recently, one of my classifieds had been torn apart and there wasn’t much text left. I felt that this may have been an accident carried out by me, possibly whilst drunk, so I decided I better rectify it and found out I couldn’t. I was unable to add any more text to the classified description, I thought little of this, it was one advert and I’m using a beta viewer, no biggie.

However today I have discovered the cause of the problem, it’s a bug that limits classifieds to 64 measly characters, well there’s a Jira about it, so it must be good hey, but …and it’s a big but, the Jira itself, STORM-577 has some rather worrying revelations in it and some odd guys called “productEngine” posting there. Continue reading “Inworld Classifieds To Have 256 Character Limit?”