Are Teenage Dreams So Hard to Beat

He looks like Steve Bruce, he looks like Steve Bruce, Carlos Tevez, he looks like Steve Bruce…ahh what a night of excitement at Villa Park last night where the twenty four Million pound man struck the winning goal, but this isn’t the place to discuss that, although I’ve slipped it anyway.

No here’s where we discuss the grid merge, Linden Lab’s apparent security through obscurity policy and some glaring issues. Linden Lab have been absurdly and almost childish in their refusal to do the decent thing here, they should have built a family friendly continent at the time of the adult continent fiasco, yes this has been discussed plenty enough but we still go back to Linden Lab not listening to a solution that was not only perfectly sensible, it’s one that would have made the merge easier not just for sixteen and seventeen year olds, but also for the thirteen to fifteen year olds who have been cast aside. Continue reading “Are Teenage Dreams So Hard to Beat”

New CEO Gets a Warm Welcome

New CEO Rod Humble (Rodvik Linden) has received a warm welcome after his first blog post. As others who are more eloquent and elegant have said, there’s nothing earth shattering about the blog post, but it is a refreshing and almost humble (I couldn’t resist!) post.

Rodvik talks of immersing himself in the world, and shows pictures complete with toga. He talks of building, scripting and creating his own little piece of Second Life, let’s hope he can continue to build from the ground up and put himself, or someone on his team at least, in the shoes of residents because one thing that stands out as the older Lindens have left is that the newer Lindens are employees firstmost and foremost and whereas they can’t all be Torley, it would be nice if more of them went through the processes that we residents go through in terms of change, policies and that bloody awful search system. Continue reading “New CEO Gets a Warm Welcome”

Social Networking Still needs to be a two way Street

Here we go, the optional linking of our profiles to Facebook and Twitter is here, as blogged by Q Linden. First of all let’s be fair here, the blog post does have information about a useful feature of being able to login to a place that you have on your favourites bar, this sounds like a nice move.

There’s also information regarding improvements to how textures rez due to the KDU library being upgraded to 6.4, so we have three big points being made and two of them being given the thumbs up, the third point however, about improved web profiles gets a massive thumbs down.

There are people who don’t see what the fuss is about , just to add some balance and show there are differing views on the issue. However as someone who passionately dislikes Facebook, this is a big deal. I don’t want that sharing or like tab on my profile. This should be an opt in feature, I’ll happily utilise the Twitter link because I use Twitter and Twitter, unlike Facebook, isn’t so anal about having to share your real life details. Continue reading “Social Networking Still needs to be a two way Street”

Social Networking needs to be a two way street

The blog post about technology improvements is largely a positive blog post, it talks of improved sim crossings, increases in group limits from 25 to 42, which are both welcome features. There’s talk of a new and improved group chat system, which again is a welcome feature. There is also mention of web based profiles and this is where I frown.

However it’s social networking where I have a problem, largely because I hate this Zuckerberging of our privacy. The post states:

“we’ve added enhanced web-based profiles, accessible both on the web and in the Viewer. And, if you wish, you can even connect your Second Life profile to other social identities including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn! ” Continue reading “Social Networking needs to be a two way street”

Moving Back

So after around three and a bit years of Nobody Fugazi’s very generous hospitality it looks as if is coming to an end, the reasons for this are basically that Nobody Fugazi no longer has a Second Life presence and therefore after seeing that he was pondering on what to do with the site I contacted him to say that as it’s only usually me who blogs there that he should concentrate on his own projects.

I have hosting, as you can see, I also have hosting I’ve not been using much, as you can see. This site was where my Second Life blogging all started so it’s only sensible to resurrect it now and I also have other blogs which I should be posting on more regarding my own inworld ventures.

Nobody Fugazi has been a more than generous host, allowing us to blog for free on his site despite his lack of logging into Second Life and therefore not having much interest in that particular virtual world, I am very grateful for the opportunity to blog there that Nobody Fugazi presented me with. Continue reading “Moving Back”