Land Overhaul

I am amongst my SL sins, a land dealer. I rent mainland and estate and both of them could learn something from the other. I’d really like to see the land purchasing system overhauled.

In particular estate land. The interface for estate land should be different and to this end I’ve created a Jira proposal that proposes:

The estate land buying system is often confusing to residents. To this end it would be useful if the UI was different for estate land purchases.

1. Replace the window that states that your tier payments won’t increase with a warning box that says something like “Although you will not be billed by Linden Lab for owning this land, you may have to pay the estate owner, please carefully read the covenant”. Continue reading “Land Overhaul”

Just Who Are The Second Life Press?

Coming to the second life press near you soon, a second life press conference with invited reporters from the second life press. Just who the second life press are is a mystery to me but it would appear that the Lindens have selected and nominated special representatives. Did Nobody Fugazi get an invite?

This does show that LL are willing to work on new ways of communication. Unfortunately it also undermines current means of communication, and if these press conferences are used to announce new features or reveal more information than is divulged at office hours, it pretty much makes office hours redundant for some LL management … maybe that’s the plan?

The new governance office hours have certainly taken the sting out of Robin Linden’s office hour and anyone who has attended a non technical office hour surely can’t have missed the fact that very little gets said during that hour. People typing away with different agendas, criss-crossing questions and very little time for a specific answer. Continue reading “Just Who Are The Second Life Press?”

Is Bad News The Only News Worth Reporting?

As the platform grows, then so does the attention drawn to scams, theft and dishonesty. The amateur hour, the wild west, is drawing to a close with closer scrutiny on all aspects of our presence here.

Ginko caused waves, other banks are bankrupt, people are out of pocket and the media are looking for muck to rake. At the same time, Linden Lab are looking at financial institutions in SL. They probably always are to be honest, but it would appear that the ability to open up your business and sell it as a bank, will in the future require some sort of RL liabilities and credentials.

This of course has implications for all aspects of business within Second Life, otherwise Wake Student Magazine may be looking to dish dirt on you. Continue reading “Is Bad News The Only News Worth Reporting?”

Sliding Through The Cracks

A live conference to discuss the next generation of gaming and how to turn that to the advantage of the industry in Ireland took place today. Hosted by the University of Ulster in association with the North West regional college the conference brought together some key figures in the world of gaming development….apparently.

The problem seems to be, that in space, nobody (not our Nobody) hears you scream. I didn’t even know that the University of Ulster had a presence in Second Life, nor did I know that they were hosting a live conference. This is one of the problems of Second Life, the potential is there but the publicity is not. The vast open spaces mean that so much slips through the cracks and instead we see the Washington Post poking fun at people trying to protect their intellectual property rights rather than hearing about the vast array of uses for the platform. Continue reading “Sliding Through The Cracks”