The Killer App

It took 116 comments on Uncle Phil’s blog before someone uttered the immortal line “Can I have your stuff”. Come on down Peasan Kuu, you saved the day 🙂

Alan Bamboo recently commented “SL needs a reason for 99.9…% of the population to even have a reason to use a virtual world.” I agree with him entirely. SL is lacking an ingredient. It’s an ingredient that Mitch Kapor is familiar with, it’s the killer app and SL doesn’t really have one.

The history of computing is littered with roads that lead to another road. An event that triggered another event with lots of people pointing to a certain point and yelling “I’m Spartacus”. However Visicalc is widely regarded as a killer app, it gave people a reason to use the Apple II. Dan Bricklin and Bob Frankston are the people credited with this, it gave purpose to the Apple II and launched an industry. This allegedly led to IBM believing that people would use computers in their home and office. This in turn led to the success of the operating system marketed by Gary Kildall Bill Gates. Continue reading “The Killer App”

What’s In A Name?

Robin Linden is back from vacation, she’s injured her ankle and she’s talking about intergrating your SL with your RL. More specifically she’s talking about people using their RL names in SL (Stop cheering Nobody). She also told me to go to bed but I’ll worry about that another time!

There are of course several issues with this but let me start by saying this was merely a discussion and not policy so don’t go running for the hills. This isn’t going to happen tomorrow.

However I think it’s worth discussing. Now with the changing of names I believe there’s a worry that it will break things you’ve created. However I also believe that Cory Linden’s name is no longer Cory Linden, well I know it isn’t because I’ve searched for it, but Cory Ondrejka exists and someone told me the other day that that is the name on his creations now. Can anyone confirm this? Continue reading “What’s In A Name?”

You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth

Linden Lab recently announced changes to the island transfer system. Taking great care to point out that they weren’t getting involved in resident to resident disputes they will now assist the process and ensure that party a and party b aren’t trying to rip each off. A very welcome moved indeed. However, they need to do more in other areas to improve integrity in their product.

As someone who participates in the land game I read about disputes over land scams with some disdain. Who is right? Who is wrong? Who is being economic with the truth? Estate owners have a big reclaim land button and they can use it any time they like and so can Linden Lab on mainland, and yet, how often do you hear a complaint from a mainland resident that Linden Lab reclaimed their land on the basis of any reason and no reasons? Continue reading “You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth”

Natasha Kaplinsky Rocks, It’s a shame Five News Doesn’t

When Natasha Kaplinsky used to do the breakfast news show on the BBC she brightened up many a grey morning. Now she has her own news show over on Channel 5, a channel that put the sleaze into British telly until they realised that people had gotten over real live boobies as a ratings winner. Note to Channel 5, Channel 4 did it best when they were getting extra viewers with their “Special discretion required” warning triangle. Indeed Channel 4 do everything better than you, including the news.

So what has this got to do with Second Life? Well “ace undercover reporter” Jason Farrell has infiltrated the seedy underbelly of Second Life again, first it was wonderland, now he’s found some other might be paedophiles as exemplified by this news report. Continue reading “Natasha Kaplinsky Rocks, It’s a shame Five News Doesn’t”