I went To See Jack Linden And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt

The much awaited blog from Jack Linden is up and there’s goodish news for those who were of the opinion that at least Dick Turpin wore a mask when considering their recent estate purchases:

“For anyone that has bought a normal island in the seven days prior to Mondays announcement, including any awaiting delivery now (so any orders placed in April PST), you will be offered a choice between:

* Your order cancelled with a complete refund of the amount paid, allowing you to re-order when the price drops if you wish to, or:
* Keep your order and get a free Openspace region with it. The Openspace would have no setup fee and no monthly fees for a period of 6 months after which normal monthly fees will apply. Continue reading “I went To See Jack Linden And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt”

Playing With Fire

The latest LL blog announces pricing structure changes to land. Super smashing great hey?

You can now get an island for a bargain USD$1000! Woohoo! Unless of course you’ve just ordered an island and then you have to pay the old price of USD$1675 and watch your investment fall over night.

Then of course there will have been those who ran out and purchased open space sims and now find that the super smashing value they appeared to represent, was not great value at all.

I bought my island last year so it’s not new. However I’ve been paying a shed load in tier, had VAT thrown at me and now I find LL are wiping hundreds of dollars off the value of my investment. This really isn’t encouraging. However it could be worse, I could be a land owner who placed a hell of a lot of faith in LL and has seen thousands wiped off their investment. Continue reading “Playing With Fire”

Viewer 1.19 Now Mandatory, Customer Service A Secondary Concern

The new viewer is now mandatory, as announced on the official blog.

This comes just two days after the viewer was officially released and one day after Pastrami Linden blogged regarding a flurry of emails about the viewer, half delighted and half enraged.

In terms of customer service skills, this is yet another glaring example of Linden Lab’s shortfall in that department. 24 hours after a blog entry with people arguing, complaining, praising and generally rambling, they decide to make this controversial viewer mandatory.

I’ve actually upgraded my video card, partially due to the new viewer. I needed to upgrade anyway as I wanted to play Neverwinter Nights 2 and my card was slightly under spec, however I’d held off on that. The new viewer finally pushed me over the edge. Continue reading “Viewer 1.19 Now Mandatory, Customer Service A Secondary Concern”

Branding – It’s Much Ado About Nothing

I sat down this morning at work, the first day back after the easter holiday, switched on my PC, sipped my coffee and then in a scene reminiscent of the closing stages of The Usual Suspects the scenery around me told its own story.

There in front of me were logos for AMD, Microsoft, Nvidia, it all suddenly made sense. The evil empire wasn’t on the march to silence the minions, we weren’t all being told to be silent at the back, we were being asked to treat the Linden Lab brand as, well a brand.

Indeed, just like Microsoft insist on people who sell services on the back of their name require people to correctly use logos and refer to their products. Continue reading “Branding – It’s Much Ado About Nothing”


According to George Orwell newspeak is “the only language in the world whose vocabulary gets smaller every year”, which ties in nicely with the latest official blog from a company who run a virtual world because, heck our vocabulary just got smaller.

Am I even allowed to use these tags any more? Do they tick the right boxes, I think there should be a space in one of them. Oh woe is me.

Now remember children, reading the blog and the associated links will give you lessons in generic nouns, proper nouns, common nouns and verbs. Hey they who can’t be named unless I am grammatically perfect are well respected in education circles so this is another wonderful example of their steps in educating the world, so hat’s off the the company. There’s more, we’re told not to use the brand name in a possessive or plural context. Continue reading “Newspeak”