Double 2017 Hugo Award Nominee Seanan McGuire Scheduled To Appear At Fantasy Faire Today

Seanan McGuire Books

Seanan Mcguire, who seems to have an issue with Bald Eagles crashing into her bedroom window is scheduled to appear at Fantasy Faire 2017 between 1-3pm SLT today.

The blurb for the event tells us :

Interview with Seanan McGuire, author of the October Daye novels
Seanan McGuire will be talking about her writing, her characters and other things. This may include cats.

This may involve bald eagles too. I’m not making this up!

Literary Festival Stage

Seanan has been nominated for the two Hugo Awards this year, Best Novella for Every Heart a Doorway ( publishing) and Best Series for The October Daye Books (DAW / Corsair).

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Fantasy Faire 2017 – Roleplay


This year’s Fantasy Faire has representations from six roleplay groups, with varied themes.

The NeoVictoria Project have a dark circus roleplay going on. Anansi, where most of the roleplay takes place certainly has a theme that makes me think Papa Lazarou is going to turn up at any second.

Mudrana Frog

The Lilipods of Mudrana are sounding a bit too Elvish for my liking, they enjoy song and frolicking apparently :

The Lilypods of Mudrana live in the Land of the Lilypad providing music, song, and mischief in praise to the godfrog. Legends tell that should the godfrog falls asleep, the pond will dry out, and everything in the land would perish. The Lilypods provide instruments and entertainment to aid the frogs of Mudrana that croak and sing to preserve their world from death.

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Never Trust an Elf

The Fairechylde

I had arrived at Fantasy Faire in very good spirits and promptly made my way to The FaireChylde to celebrate the opening of the faire. A DJ merrily played some tunes, not good old bawdy tavern tunes, but decent foot tapping tunes.

One of the reasons for going somewhere that played music was because I knew that it would diminish the sound of any bloody awful singing from Elves, there are always Elves, strange ears and a distinct lack of beards I should add.

Keeping an eye out

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Fantasy Faire 2017 – A Visit To The FaireChylde

The Fairechylde

The first day of Fantasy Faire can be a rather hectic affair, looking for lodgings, getting your bearings, and working out where there’s a tavern that won’t be full of elves.

Zander Greene and Oldeshoul Eldermar

That being said, it’s Fantasy Faire and you really have to start the event in a raucous manner by enjoying some festivities and a good place to enjoy raucous festivities is aboard The FaireChylde.

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Fantasy Faire 2017 Is Now Open!


The wait is over, Fantasy Faire 2017 in Second Life officially opened its gates today, and mighty fine gates they are too!

This is the ninth year of Fantasy Faire in Second Life and as well as being a wonderfully fantastic event it is also part of the Relay For Life fundraising efforts in Second Life to raise money for the American Cancer Society.

Dawn's Promise River View

This year’s Fantasy Faire consists of 15 regions and the wonderful Sonya Marmurek has published a Welcome To The Fairelands blog post to give you a brief guide to the regions and more importantly, the SLURLs.

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