Sansar Marketplace And Sansar Dollars Set For Debut

Project Sansar Concept Art

Linden Lab’s Sansar (formerly known as Project Sansar) has hit the new year running with press reports of a new round of creator invites, a Sansar Marketplace, news of monetisation with the introduction of the Sansar dollar and a video giving a sneak preview of Sansar which appears to have been produced and directed by Draxtor Despres of The Drax Files : World Makers fame. I will embed the video near the bottom of this post.

Dean Takahashi over at VentureBeat reports : Linden Lab debuts marketplace for Sansar VR world. The article informs us that Sansar will allow creators who are already in Sansar to buy and sell content from today. Ebbe Altberg makes an appearance in the article :

This sets the tone and shows creators they will monetize what they create on day one, when we open our doors,” Altberg said. “The buying and selling will get them comfortable with the new platform.

Those of us who are familiar with Second Life will not be surprised to learn that the Sansar Dollar will work in a similar way to the Linden Dollar, with Sansar Dollars being used for purchases and then redeemed for a US dollar to Sansar Dollar exchange rate. Linden Lab will take a cut of these currency transactions, as they do with the Linden Dollar.

The currency and sales transaction fees are likely to be higher than Second Life because the aim with Sansar is for hosting fees to be much lower than they are in Second Life. The VentureBeat article again turns to Ebbe Altberg for further information :

We want it to be low enough that it does not add unnecessary friction to the economy,” Altberg said. “But we do want to get a piece of the GDP and then make the hosting fees for Sansar as low as possible. We charged quite a bit for the hosting fees in Second Life and didn’t have a consumption tax to take part of the GDP. So now we will balance the hosting fees and the consumption fees in the economy.

There’s plenty more to read in the VentureBeat article and I highly recommend that you read it if Sansar interests you. There’s also an article about Sansar by Kevin Carbotte over at Tom’s Hardware : Linden Lab Introduces Sansar Monetization System, Reveals First Video Footage. This article includes an interview with Linden Lab CEO Ebbe Altberg and Gray of the Lab from San Francisco (AKA Peter Gray, Senior Director of Global Communications at Linden Lab).

Pete Linden at VWBPE 2015

The above is a picture of Peter Gray in Second Life, I have no idea how he looks in Sansar!

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A Wintry Visit To New Babbage And Beyond In Second Life

New Babbage in Second Life is a place ripe for exploration, adventure, roleplay, shopping or just taking snapshots. This is a Steampunk location and it is beautifully created. When people wonder what people do in Second Life, New Babbage is a fine example of creativity, collaboration and fun.

View Of New Babbage

The blurb in New Babbage tells us :

A steampunk city built by fans and enthusiasts of the genre. Pop over to visit other fans in a 100% optional roleplay environment. Better yet, live the Victorian SL life and rent land or place your shop here!

This is a location that feels like a city, there are trams, walkways, alleys and more.

Inside New Babbage

There is also a lot of snow at the moment and if you use the region windlight settings, a lot of fog, but that’s not so good for snapshots.

Babbage Square

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Videos From Steampunk New Babbage And Beyond

I have been visiting Steampunk in Second Life today and getting a very cold and winter feeling wandering through the mean streets of New Babbage and beyond. I will have a more detailed report later, with some pictures, but for now here are some videos I made with the help of Xsplit Broadcaster.

These videos are largely silent and very basic. I did start a video commentary but then got all self conscious and realised I really need a script.


SLURL To ClockHaven :

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First UCC SL All Set For Christmas Plus Plenty Of Other Festive Attractions Available

First United Church of Christ

The virtual world offers an escape from the physical world this holiday and after spending time shopping this morning in a supermarket where it looked more like the Zombie Apocalypse was coming this weekend rather than the supermarket being closed for one day, I have to say that a virtual setting has distinct advantages.

I decided to pop along to the First United Church of Christ and Conference Center in Second Life to see how they were getting on with their Christmas preparations and a very festive sight it is.

This region changes with the season, so a change to a snow filled setting was not a surprise, but snow works well in Second Life, rather oddly I find it doesn’t work so well for snapshots from Second Life, you really need to visit the snowy settings to get the full and immersive beauty.

Away in the Manger, by Ciaran Laval on Flickr!

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High Fidelity Now Available On Steam Early Access

An Image should be here

High Fidelity, the virtual world and virtual reality platform, arrived on Steam early access this week for Windows users. The welcome message states :

We’re incredibly excited to launch High Fidelity on Steam Early Access!

High Fidelity is an open-source virtual reality platform that gives everyone the power to create, explore, and share virtual spaces. It works with both Oculus Rift and Vive, and you can also run it on your PC in desktop mode if you don’t have a headset.

We’re looking forward to your feedback! We expect to learn important lessons about the needs of social VR from the active, engaged, and connected users here on Steam.

There’s a notice that you need a virtual reality headset to use the software, but as the above message informs us, you can run the software without a headset. However the minimum specs should be noted :


  • OS: Windows 7 SP1 64 bit
  • Processor: i7-4700 quad core equivalent or greater
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 970 / AMD R9 290
  • Storage: 2 GB available space

Now when you find the software on Steam there’s a good chance you will see this message : “Content in this product may not be appropriate for all ages, or may not be appropriate for viewing at work“.

This isn’t because High Fidelity is a den of iniquity, it’s because user generated content is involved, as the High Fidelity Twitter account explained to me : “The warning is a precautionary measure because it’s an environment with a lot of user generated content“.

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