Second Life Inspired Short Film Makes The Cut For Ottawa International Animation Festival

The Ottawa International Animation Festival runs from September 20 – 24 and the blurb informs us :

Every September, the Ottawa International Animation Festival presents the world’s most cutting-edge, quirky and important animation — and transforms Ottawa into the centre of the animation universe.

The festival features screenings, workshops, talks, competitions and more. One of those competitions is The Canadian Student Competition which will feature a short film entitled “Second Life“, directed by  Benjamin Reyes and Joshua Fischle and produced by Ryerson University.

This short film, is not surprisingly, inspired by the virtual world of Second Life, as an article by Bruce Deachman at The Ottawa Citizen informs us; Ottawa filmmaker comes home with Second Life . The article is itself an interview with one of the directors, Benjamin Reyes, who explains :

“I was interested in these stories you would hear of people meeting each other through the Internet, through things like Second Life. That idea was bizarre and interesting to me, that you could know somebody strictly through this avatar and not even see their face or know what they look like, and you don’t really know who’s controlling them.”

The film appears to have been inspired by Second Life, rather than machinima filmed in Second Life but it’s interesting to see how virtual worlds can inspire other mediums.

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A Visit To Neive In Second Life


Inspired by Inara Pey’s blog post; Visiting ~Neive~ In Second Life, I decided to follow in Inara’s footsteps and visit Neive in Second Life.


Inara had informed us about the region :

~Neive~ is a Homestead regions designed by Claudia (claudia74a Orsini) which Caitlyn and I first visited in late June 2017, when it still appeared to be under construction. We dropped back there at the start of September to see how things had developed, and found the region has grown into a quite pastoral – if slightly eclectic – setting.

This description is extremely accurate.


The notecard that you can accept when you land in the region informs us that the region was first created in 2016 and is now back, with romance and friendship in mind.

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Sansar Introduces Terrain Editing, .OBJ Import, Running, Web Audio Streams and More

Linden Lab’s Sansar have announced a whopping new list of features in their latest release notes; Sansar Release Notes for September 8, 2017.

Most eye catching will be features such as :

  • Terrain Editor
  • You can now sculpt your own terrain in Sansar! Make mountains and craters, which you can paint using Sansar’s default presents. Simply drag and drop the terrain plain from the system objects panel. Read more.
  • The ability to add your own terrain textures and height maps is coming soon.

I haven’t been able to look at this yet but this looks like a very interesting development indeed.  The link to read more explains how you can create terrain in Sansar and then raise, lower, flatten, soften, harden etc. These terms will be familiar to those who have experience in virtual worlds such as Second Life.

  • .OBJ import
  • Sansar now supports .obj file import. See here for some .obj import tips.

Sansar had previously supported the .FBX format but this release means it now also supports .OBJ format, which I’m sure will please many creators as .OBJ is a very popular format.

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Mitsumi-Town Tokyo in Second Life is Simply Stunning

Mitsumi Town Tokyo

Hamlet Au over at New World Notes recently posted an article about Mitsumi-Town Tokyo in Second Life . Lead developer for the project, Eripom Moonwall, spoke to Hamlet :

Lead developed by Eripom Moonwall, an SLer who actually lives in Japan and has built up a successful SL weapons business in her spare time as a Tokyo-based financial consultant. Working with two producers, four builders and one “advisor of traffic laws and infrastructures” (as she describes the role), Ms. Moonwall and her team took three months to make Mistumi-Town what it is today. And they’re only 70% done, she tells me.

There’s more in the article by Hamlet, so it’s well worth a read, but more than that, Mitsumi-Town Tokyo is well worth a visit, it’s simply stunning.

Road Network

The design really feels like a city and makes great use of building upwards as well as using the ground and even going underground.

The impressive looking roads and other transport options demonstrate an attention to detail that really makes a design feel immersive.

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Sansar Still Doesn’t Look Like It Will Eat Second Life and That’s a Good Thing


Back in December 2015 I wrote; Project Sansar Won’t Eat Second Life. I still hold that view. A major bone of contention, that is still being raised today, was the probably infamous cannibalisation comment from Ebbe Altberg :

Yes, so this is the cannibalisation effect. It’s obviously real; and all I can say to that is, it’s better it’s us than someone else. Because it’s going to be someone, some day. and so we’ve decided it has to be us. It is a complex thing, and we want to make sure that we make it easy for users. Because in the beginning, Sansar might look all shiny and whatnot, but it’s not going to have the level of complexity and sophistication of Second Life, that’s been developed for almost 15 years now. It will take time for a lot of the things that you all love and do in Second Life to be something that you could completely do in Sansar.

Now something that gets somewhat overlooked here is that the cannibalisation comment was prompted by a question, which suggested that the team running Sansar have an interest in cannibalising Second Life.


Another point to note is that Linden Lab have launched Sansar and it’s fair to say that it looks shiny but very definitely lacks the complexity of Second Life at this moment in time.

My early observations of Sansar also back up another of my beliefs regarding Sansar, it’s a different product, with some overlap, that will likely attract a different audience to Second Life. This isn’t just because of the technical differences, it’s also because of the format. Second Life is a virtual world, Sansar is a set of virtual experiences and with Sansar, the experience comes first, whereas in Second Life, it’s the virtual world that comes first.

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