Second Life Support Site Scheduled To Be Upgraded November 7th

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Linden Lab have announced – Support Site Upgrade Scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 7th, 2017 :

Our support site ( will be undergoing an overhaul next Tuesday afternoon, the 7th of November.

This means that the support site will be down for a period of time, the current schedule as announced on the blog post is :

What this means for Residents is that after 3pm (PT) on 11/07 you will be unable to submit, edit, or view your current support tickets. The downtime will be used to complete a migration of all the current support tickets to our new Customer Relationship Management tool.

We currently plan to have the support system back up and running by 9am PT on 11/08.

So between 3:00pm SLT on the 7th November and 9:00 am on 8th November you won’t be able to submit, edit or view current support tickets.

Tickets will be migrated across, with open tickets from the start of 2017 being in the first batch. The rest of the tickets will be migrated, but this will take some time as the blog post points out that the current system has over 1.2 million tickets and almost 200,000 live chat records to migrate.


So what are you supposed to do if you have a ticket that was created in 2016 or earlier and you think you will need access to that ticket before the end of this year? The blog post contains the following advice :

However, if you have a ticket from 2016 or earlier that you need to access before the end of the year, please collect that information before the change on 11/07.

This shouldn’t set any alarm bells ringing, it just points out clearly where Linden Lab’s priorities lie when it comes to migrating tickets. I would hope that there aren’t too many tickets from 2016 or earlier that people need access to before the end of this year, but tickets do often contain useful information that people like to refer back to.

Linden Lab’s support site upgrade involves a migration to the Freshdesk platform and all new tickets will be submitted through the new support site.

Linden Lab’s blog post doesn’t link to Freshdesk, but I’m assuming it’s this offering.

Linden Lab are free to tell me about their experience with Freshdesk, I’m investigating new helpdesk and ticketing systems in my day job.

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