Exploring The Well Ultimum

The Well Ultimum

As we’re in the horror season in Second Life I decided to take a look around Loki Eliot’s latest episode of The Well, or as it’s officially known this year, T H E W E L L : Ultimum.

The Well Ultimum Information

The blurb from The Destination Guide informs us :

Can you return to the horror of The Well, uncovering the secrets in the  surrounding woods without losing your sanity? The fourth and final chapter in The Well horror series places you where it all began sometime in the 1980s. To play, a pass will need purchasing.

The cost of the pass is L$200 and from what I’ve seen so far it’s pretty good value.

The Well Ultimum Entrance

Once you have accepted the experience request from the area and paid for the pass you can enter the well, where you will be able to play the game.

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As the above screenshot should exemplify there are a couple of important points to note, one is the exclamation mark, this pops up as you explore and helps you gather clues, information and objects.

Sanity, the green bar, is a health system, that will be severely tested as you explore further and go deeper into the experience.

Inside The Well

I found my sanity at breaking point as I tried to avoid shadows and a monster known as The Groper.

Along the way you will also find nostalgia, youTube videos and more.

The experience does work better with sound as information will be displayed and read, sound also adds to the atmosphere of the experience.

This is a fun experience that uses the available tools in Second Life well, it’s also very atmospheric, dare you enter?

SLURL : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Escapades/218/232/3002/

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