Linden Lab Issue Important Update For International Credit Card Users

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Linden Lab have posted a very important update for Second Life users outside the United States who have credit card information on file; Important Update for International Credit Card Users :

Due to some unexpected changes with our International Billing system, some Residents outside the United States with a Credit Card on file may have difficulty with their current payment method as of September 30, 2017.

The workaround for this unexpected magical glitch on Linden Lab’s billing system is to enter your credit card details again.

The blog post explains further :

In order to avoid any service disruption, we encourage all Residents outside of the United States to please take a moment to log into your account and re-enter your existing Credit Card information. Doing so now will prevent any disruption in inworld and Marketplace purchases, as well as recurring monthly billing for Premium Accounts, Private Regions and monthly Mainland maintenance. If you have difficulty with your payment method after September 30, 2017, updating your payment information will resolve the issue.

If you are in the situation where you need to enter your credit card details again then please ensure that you note down which services you have your credit card registered for before you enter your details again. For example you can register your credit card for buying L$ in the viewer or you can register your credit card for Land, Premium and other recurring fees or you may use your card for both. When you enter your details again make sure that your card is still registered to pay for the services and features you want because by default it may not automatically do that.

Then once you’re happy with that you’ll be free to go and play Linden Lab’s brand new game, Tyrah and the Curse of the Magical Glytches where according to the blurb you can :

Save the grid from impending doom and win fabulous prizes. Capture Glytches, avoid Glytch spells, upgrade your weapons, play bonus levels, and avoid the treacherous perils to complete your Glytch collection!

That glytch sounds like far more fun than the billing glitch.

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