Creator David Hall Paves The Way For The Rise Of The Dwarves In Sansar

Dwarven Fortress

Elves may have their ears in Sansar but Dwarves have a fortress! Even better than that, and probably of far more interest to you, is the fact that the creator of The Dwarven Fortress, David Hall, has been featured in a Sansar Creator Profile video produced by Draxtor Despres.


The video is short and I’ll embed it at the end of this post but it gives a nice insight into a Sansar creator as well as some of the tools of the trade.


What’s interesting here is that David has only been involved in 3D creation for the past couple of years, but as the video points out, building worlds is something David is passionate about and Sansar gives him the canvas to create a world.

Dwarves Rule

We see David in his HMD with controllers and we also learn that he uses Autodesk Maya and Allegorithmic Substance Painter for his creative work.

We can also see that David is paving the way for a Dwarven invasion of Sansar, for which I’m very grateful!

URL To Dwarven Fortress :

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