Vimmershavn A Dystopian Look Inside Second Life


This weeks Highlights From The Second Life Destination Guide has many interesting locations, history, poetry, roleplaying, carnivals and more but my eye was attracted to Vimmershavn.

Ruined Hotel

The blurb tells us :

Vimmershavn is a walled-in city where life seems to have vanished…but, of course, it hasn’t. If you look closely, you will find pockets of hope and life even within the city.

The reason life seems to have vanished is because the area has been struck by a deadly outbreak and the remaining city is in ruins, but there is life there.

Off Track

Whilst surveying the chaos I spotted a dancer on a platform, making the best of what is left.

Those familiar with Fantasy Faire 2017 may recognise the setting, the build was used for the San Mora region designed by Death Row Designs Jaimy Hancroft.

Carousel of Doom

Vimmershavn manages to embrace a dystopian nightmare in a manner that makes it an extremely rewarding location to visit.


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