Get Your Free Sananok Avatar and Mysterious Egg

Vending Machine

There’s something mysterious going on with Linden Lab and this year’s SL14B celebrations, something very mysterious indeed, which we can see by way of a Linden Lab blog post :  Second Life is Turning 14 !

Well you may think there’s nothing mysterious about Second Life turning 14, but pay attention, there’s something mysterious about this year’s gift of a free Sananok avatar and a mysterious egg.

Sananok Avatar and egg

The first mysterious thing is that even Linden Lab are sure of what a Sananok is :

We’re not entirely sure what a Sananok is, but the Moles assure us they are friendly creatures that tend to keep to themselves and need a good home. Each Sananok avatar comes with a mysterious egg, which is in fact so mysterious, not even the Moles know what it will hatch into.

Furthermore, The Moles aren’t quite sure what that egg will hatch into.

Sananok Avatar Side

Now these gifts can be found in the vending machines in the gift areas at SL14B, if you’re unsure of where the gift areas are go here :

Sananok Avatar

I have tried out the avatar, I even wore the egg for a while but it can be safely detached without harming the egg, but just what have Linden Lab unleashed on us here? Time will tell, but remember that old saying of being wary of geeks bearing gifts.

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