Fantasy Faire 2017 LitFest – Tolkien Day, Seanan McGuire & More

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One of my favourite recent additions to Fantasy Faire has been the literary festival; LitFest and this will be held again this year with a very packed schedule over the 10 days of Fantasy Faire.

LitFest involves talks by authors, creative writing sessions, discussions, performances, open mic sessions, storytelling, poetry, tours, writing challenges and much more.

Saffia Widdershins Listens

Author Seanan McGuire will be a featured guest. Seanan is the author of the October Daye and Incryptid urban fantasies.

April 25th will be Tolkien Day, with the work of J.R.R. Tolkien being celebrated. Previous Fantasy Faires have featured Pratchett day, celebrating the work of Terry Pratchett and Shakesepeare day, celebrating the work of Shakespeare, no great mystery there.

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Audience contributions are welcome at LitFest, so don’t be shy if you do attend and contributions are encouraged.

The LitFest Region Tours and Writing Challenges invite us to :

We invite you to put your Fantasy Faire experience into words. The Faire is brimming with stories: breathtaking builds and fantastical creations designed to touch your heart and soul. What stories do they inspire in you?

Brand new to Fantasy Faire’s Literary Fest this year are our LitFest Tours, leaving three times daily (at 12 noon, 5.00pm and 8.00pm SLT) from our home base on Kakushi Pasu to explore the Fairelands.

Follow the link above to find out more.

Pratchett Fans

Then there’s Much Ado About Nothing, which is described as :

This year there will be a staging of a magical (and we do mean that!) interpretation of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing.

Performances will be :

  • Sunday 23rd April: 1.30pm – 3.00pm
  • Sunday 30th April: 10am – 11.30am

The credits for this production include :

  • Director – Saffia Widdershins
  • Audio Producer – Zander Greene
  • Choreography, Movement and Special Effects – Aelva, Terra Volitant, Amethyst Dovgal, Shadow Tarber
  • Set Design – Marcus Inkpen
  • Adapted for Radio by Saffia Widdershins and Zander Greene

So as you can hopefully see, LitFest offers a lot of interesting literary and fun events.

Shakespeare Day

Fantasy Faire 2017 runs from April 20th – 30th and I will post SLURLs when they are officially available, although I do plan to see if I can bribe one of the guards to let me in early, I will keep you posted!

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