Videos From Steampunk New Babbage And Beyond

I have been visiting Steampunk in Second Life today and getting a very cold and winter feeling wandering through the mean streets of New Babbage and beyond. I will have a more detailed report later, with some pictures, but for now here are some videos I made with the help of Xsplit Broadcaster.

These videos are largely silent and very basic. I did start a video commentary but then got all self conscious and realised I really need a script.


SLURL To ClockHaven :

Port Babbage

SLURL To Port Babbage :

New Babbage

New Babbage

This vast Victorian steampunk area is full of airships, clockwork devices, submersibles, and other amazing technology. It’s an ideal place to explore life as it was in the 19th century.

Visit in Second Life

SLURL To New Babbage :

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