Blackened Mirror Season 2 To Feature Babylon 5 Star

Above you can view the first trailer for The Blackened Mirror Season 2, which is filmed in Second Life. The word on the street, and I’m not making this up, is that Season 2 will feature a star from the science fiction series Babylon 5. Those of you who pay attention may already know who it is, but for now my lips are firmly sealed!

For those who are unaware of what The Blackened Mirror is, it’s a machinima based drama filmed in Second Life, with a noir setting. Season 1 can be viewed on Treet TV. The first season, featured people who have real world experience of stage and film and the second season will too, but there’s also the opportunity for Second Life residents to get involved as extras.

The Blackened Mirror website, which I believe will be updated shortly, has a blog post asking for people to appear as extras, with the following information:

This season of The Blackened Mirror is going to be extraordinary. If you liked last year’s story, this one will blow your mind. Everything is being elevated; the scripts, the production values and the expanded audience.

We need you to help make this work!

A vital part of the atmosphere, and the ability to lend credibility to any film, is the presence of characters providing background, veracity and texture. They’re known as “extras”, but they’re essential.

We have created an open group inworld, Blackened Mirror Extras Green Room. If you’re interested in being a part of something magical, please join!

We’ll post notices of the various people we need and when, we’ll give you specifics on wardrobe and timing. We’ll provide support, if you need it, to ensure that you have exactly the right look.

This is how it will work:

The requirement will be posted in a notice. We are working to source free wardrobes for each character – so, we’re not asking you to spend money.

If you are interested, and will be available, contact Honour McMillan so she has you on her list.

If you have issues or a scheduling problem, just let Honour know so that she can make adjustments.

On the filming date there will be a “call” – this means a specific time you will be expected to arrive at the staging area. We’ll finalize any wardrobe components (if a special skin is necessary for example), help you with adjustments if needed, and explain in detail what and how you are needed in the filming.

We’ll all move to the set and create movie magic.

There’s more info about being an extra in the blog link, such as it being hard work! However if you are interested, please join the group.

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