Plenty Of Leagues Under The Sea

Sea Scenery

Now you might think that the under the sea expo is all about mermaids, well it’s not, I mean there are mermaids….

More Mermaids

Not all of them are in glass tubes either, some are in settings that leave you expecting a man to start shouting “Roll up roll up” and invite you to a circus show due to their Steampunk surroundings:

Steampunk Mermaids

However there’s more to the sea than Mermaids, although I must admit I’m a tad disappointed that during my travels at the expo I haven’t seen a Hydra or heard anyone shout “Unleash The Kraken!” there are many wonderful sights under the sea, including flora, fish and some underwater giant Kittycats!

The expo, which ends tomorrow is a nice place to visit because it’s largely lag free. This is a smaller expo than many, but it’s a valuable one as it shows yet another fun aspect of Second Life. I also like the flora under the sea:


There’s plenty of that around, and of course, I’m sorry I can’t resist, but yes, there’s plenty more fish in the sea!

Fish Schools

However if flora, fish and mermaids aren’t your thing there are plenty of other style stores there, I saw some diving stores, a breedable store, a game avatar and if that doesn’t suit you there are clothing stores, maybe a female would like to wear clothing like this on her sea faring travels:

Sea Clothing?

However if you’re really still unconvinced, how about some giant, swimming in goggles Kittycats to tempt you to pay a visit?

Sea Cats

Now come on, how can you resist that?

Under The Sea Expo SLURL:

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