Is Rod Humble Doctor Octopus?

So back in August Second Life was talking about expanding to Steam. Back in August, Peter Parker was Spiderman.

Fast forward to January 2013. Second Life announces it has expanded to Amazon, not yet Steam, much to our surprise.

Fast forward to January 2013 and Peter Parker dies and Doctor Octopus is the new Spiderman! Apparently Peter Parker switches his memories and morality into Doctor Octopus and he becomes Superior Spiderman, rather than The Amazing Spiderman. Here in Second Life we have a case where in a battle the Steam deal might have died but the memories and morality have been transferred to Amazon!

Coincidence? Almost certainly but I can’t have fun with it it that way!

On a more serious note, the initial reports are that the Amazon deals are only available to USA residents, if this is the case then it does cast a bit of a damp squib on the whole affair. However we’ll see what transpires, Inara Pey is on the case.

However there are concerns for Second Life residents beyond this deal and the big issue of this weekend so far has been griefing, as SecondLie highlights:

BREAKING NEWS: overloads due to thousands of Second Life users adding “Get rid of griefers!” to Rod Humble’s wishlist.

The griefing issues I’ve read about are shocking, although I’m sure Spiderman and Doctor Octopus could sort them out, far more efficiently than the JLU too!

Talking of Rod Humble, I need to get my Captial One Cup semi final ticket this weekend too! Up The Villa as they say in the sensible parts of Birmingham!

Ah back to the main point, this Amazon deal has potential, but let’s hope it isn’t nerfed by where we live.

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  1. Methinks any nerfing could potentially be self inflicted. It seems that LL went at this half cocked.

    What is this “Viall” you speak of ?

    Happy new Year

    1. It may have been rushed through, the intent seems like it was well meaning but delivery lacked a little due to the issue of people being able to link alts.

      Well not everyone can have RVP in their team!

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