Nov 302012


The Unhinged Festival, held through Dec. 15, features a big gacha fair with a skull theme, lots of deejays, live performances and a big party. It’s all held in honor of Eku Zhong, who has undergone serious treatments and surgeries over the past few years. More info at

Visit in Second Life

This City of Heroes shutting down business has upset me more than I thought it would, I haven’t played for a while! Although it would have been nice to go back for a last hurrah. Anyway, let’s go back to Second Life for another look at Unhinged, which made the destination guide as a featured event. The fundraising side has been quite successful so far. I’ve covered some of the partying but I haven’t covered the merchants, yes you can shop at Unhinged too! There’s plenty of time to shop too as the festival runs until December 15th.

Now I don’t do fashion, so I picked art. I don’t do art either, I’m artistically challenged! However my eye noticed that Ailsa Muliaina had a stall there, well I got the blogger pack first, then I went to the stall! Aisla, whose inworld brand is AMU has a set for Unhinged:

An Image Should Be Here

AMU Sketchy Gatcha

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Nov 302012

The residents of Paragon City will after tonight, be wondering, where have all the good men gone and where are all the gods? Where’s the street wise Hercules to fight the rising odds? Isn’t there a white knight upon a fiery steed? The answer of course will be that they have all been slain by the corporation, it’s always the corporation that gets you in the end.

City of Heroes, the first super hero MMO and arguably still the best, pulls its plug tonight, to much dismay from its remaining userbase and stirs the memories of those who particpated in the past.

Originally developed by Cryptic Studios for NCSoft, City of Heroes launched in the United States in 2004, to high praise, coming to a computer near you in Europe in 2005. City of Heroes wasn’t the most challenging of MMO’s, but it was fun, lots and lots of fun, but it has been around for quite a while now, many a company would be happy that their game was still allegedly viable eight years after launch, but not NCSoft who decided enough was enough.

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Nov 292012

Another interesting coment came up from Inara Pey’s blog post (see previous post for link as I don’t want to spam pingbacks). Adomaw Lupindo raises a really interesting point about tier and scale:

Do you think that LL’s Mesh discounting was an indirect way to offer tier reductions without changing their product pricing scheme by passing on the work to the content creators? I’ve asked the opinion of an estate manager and what that might mean and it was pointed out that even though people could in theory cut their prim needs by a max of half—it doesn’t give them more or the same amount of landmass to play with that on.

Linden Lab have, over the last year or so given us opportunity to reduce our land impact (prim count in old money) numbers. We can now create 64 x 64 metre prims natively in the client, whereas the old maximum was 10 x 10, unless you were using workarounds, such as megaprims, which as far as I’m aware were never officially supported. We can use tricks and techniques using the convex hull shape to reduce the land impact score and we can buy or upload Mesh. This means that your 117 land impact allowance on a 512m parcel goes a lot further, so can everyone tier down? I mean tier is the bugbear (and is too damn high). The answer of course, is no, not everyone, not even the majority I’d guess and that’s an issue of scale.

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Nov 292012

Inara Pey’s blog post regarding the article in The Register about Second Life being a failed technology, raises some really interesting points in the comments. I’ll pick up on some of them with a blog or two. A good starting place is a comment from Ezra, who feels that in many ways Second Life has failed:

Features roll out half-ass (mesh without deformer, shared media 2 years before everyone has a viewer that can see it). Some square peg in round hole features gain little traction at all (who needs pathfinding and quasi-AI without riggable NPCs? Only so much willingness to swap sculpt maps to fake it.)

Good points, I don’t see these points as equating failure, but they are points worthy of further discussion. Mesh did seem to be rolled out with buildings and props in mind, it largely works well in those areas, but it does seem short sighted not think people would want Mesh clothing. Hence this oversight started to give birth to Qarl’s Mesh Deformer Project  and it’s still in labour from what I’ve seen! However this is a feature for which residents raised funds to bring to Second Life. although it is of course a project in co-operation with Linden Lab, the oversight is one that makes people feel that Linden Lab don’t see the big picture.

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Nov 282012

Nalates Urriah has a blog post on her blog and a forum post in the official forums regarding problems on the Aditi grid. Aditi is the preview grid, you can read more about it here. Basically this is where Linden Lab sometimes roll out server code for testing, or new features. This is part of the Q&A process.

Customers use it for other matters, I use it for playing around with Mesh, others use it for testing their products because Aditi is a place where you get a wad of Linden Dollars to play around with, so uploads are basically free. However bear in mind that what happens on Aditi, stays on Aditi, you won’t be able to bring your dosh across to the main grid, nor your uploaded products, you’ll need to upload on the main grid again and pay for them.

Now the issue seems to be that Aditi is creaking a little, it’s not a mirror image of the main grid, it has far less land and far less resources. Therefore it requires some housekeeping. Oskar Linden used to do this housekeeping, but of course, Oskar has now left the building and new solutions are being sought. I haven’t had any problems logging into Aditi, but it appears plenty of others have.

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Nov 282012

Protest Gnomes

After a thrilling evening of marvellous total football at Villa Park, where the mighty Villa demolished Reading 1-0 thanks to a superb header from Christian Benteke, I come home to find that some people seem to think Second Life has failed!

There are those who have been writing off Second Life for years, however it’s still here and whilst Tyche Shepherd’s super stats do indicate a decline, this week’s showing a loss of twenty five private regions and two Linden regions, there are still over twenty eight thousand regions on the grid.

Whereas some see Linden Lab as moving on, The Guardian listing Linden Lab’s Creatoverse in the twenty best Android apps of last week, including a comment of:

No flying genitals or furry avatars here though: instead it’s an inventive physics toolkit: “Watch your creations bounce, roll, tilt or even accelerate on the screen…”

The simple fact of the matter remains that Second Life is Linden Lab’s premier app. Yet despite all evidence to the contrary that Second Life is dead, in an article in The Register regarding ten technology fails, which includes Microsoft Bob, OpenDoc and PDAs, on page four they also list Second Life.

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Nov 272012


The Alt-Zoom Disco, DaBoom 2003.

So there I was rooting around Governor Marley’s Linden’s mansion when I found myself in the basement and found pictures and notecards from 2003. My how the world has changed. I actually thought that might be The Governor in the picture, but closer inspection suggests not. Second Life is a very big place, I mean there I was thinking I’d travelled the world and the seven seas when I discover Meshinima and Flufee!

Seriously, how have I missed this? Flufee, for those whom don’t know it, is a Mesh avatar, possibly in love with a prim lady, exemplifying improvements in Second Life since 2003 and using other backdrops for adventures! I thought I’d spotted Flufee partying on the grid, but it seems I’d saw something completely different!

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Nov 262012

When I was a lad in Second Life, I often wondered why they kept talking about Neverwinter Nights, until I realised NWN in Second Life was New World Notes. However for me, NWN will always be Neverwinter Nights, whereas NWN in Second Life terms will always be Hamlet over at New World Notes, unless it’s a post by Iris Ophelia, in which case it will always be Iris Ophelia over at New World Notes. Along the same lines that MOTD will always be Match Of The Day!

Where am I going with this, well Inara Pey of Living In A Modemworld fame, has been voted by New World Notes readers as their favourite Second Life related blog, excluding New World Notes, which wasn’t eligible to be voted for.

I’ve often thought of Inara Pey as the rich man’s Ciaran Laval, well written, grammatically on the ball, informative, proof read, but by a girl in girl’s clothing, unlike myself as an evil drow wizard in evil drow wizard clothing, often mistaken for a girl for some bizarre reason.

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Nov 262012

Unhinged – A Festival For Eku’s head has made great strides in its fundraising aims to help pay for surgery for Eku, so much so that Eku is pretty close to the point where surgery can be booked. On Saturday Eku posted over at SLUniverse;

Today Nephi passed me 1million linden dollars from the unhinged bookkeeping account.

Its almost hard to find the words to describe how the weight is lifting from our shoulders.. in just a few weeks we have gone from wondering how the hell anything was going to get done, to being close enough to start planning the surgery date.

 My heart is absolutely bursting with so many emotions; thankfulness, awe, love… and i cannot say thank you enough to reflect how i truly feel..

 love and many many chikins


However there has been further news since then.

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Nov 242012

Yesterday I blogged about mysterious improvements to the graphics subsytem which had caused my settings to change from high to ultra and had also seemed to produce a performance increase. I mentioned how the lack of information about these changes were puzzling. I have asked some questions, read other blogs and received comments.

This blog post is therefore coming to you in association with Inara Pey, Honor McMillan, Coby Foden, Hitomi Tiponi, leliel Mirihi and Theresa Tennyson for their contributions in a thread on the official forum.

So what’s the skinny on the lowdown? Well first things first, it appears that if your graphics settings are changing from high to ultra, your graphics settings might not actually be changing, confused? Well it seems that the new rendering subsystem means the bar has been lowered. Honor McMillan makes observations in her blog post on the subject:

When I logged on my settings did show the move to Ultra – BUT, when I looked at them in detail there really hadn’t been much change. Just the $*(@&^%$ physics of course.

 The choices I had been using seemed to have remained, so I think one can assume there will be no frying of graphics cards. At least not because the viewer says you’ve been moved up to the next level.

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