Reducing Resources

Hidden away on the Second Life Wiki are two very useful pages regarding optimisation, well they can be seen in that light anyway. One is regarding texture sizes and how much memory they consume. This is a useful guide but far from being the be all and end all, basically using 1024 x 1024 textures everywhere is silly, fortunately people generally use 512 x 512 but from the linked page we can see that a lot of them will eat resources too, which brings us to thinking about which textures we use and when we use them, do we really need 512 x 512? Well generally, it’s a yes but there are many times when 256 x 256 or even 128 x 128 would be fine.

The other page deals with pyhsics optimisation, this is a really handy page because it talks of using simple physics shapes to reduce load. The trick really is whether you can get away with only using a cube as your physics shape, say for example you build a nice fence with gaps all over the place and maybe it’s a bit weathered, could you just use a cube as the pyhsics shape? If you can, then the physics optimisation page is for you, if you can’t, then why can’t you?

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Region Idling – Close But No Cigar

Region Idling has been announced, which is not the worst idea in the world. The basic idea is that when a region is empty,everything goes on a go slow and those saved resources are used elsewhere to improve user experience in other regions. This has potential, but like NeoBokrug Elytis of Wastelands fame, I have concerns and certainly feel that as a region owner, it should be my choice as to whether my region is part of the idling process.

This could be a step in the direction of lower tier bills, if your region is idling, maybe you won’t get charged as much for that period, one day. However I’m speculating there, I certainly like the idea of being able to turn my region off and pay less tier per month for it, but Linden Lab haven’t indicated that’s where we’re heading and that’s where the concerns come in.

My region may well be deemed to be idle, but it will be doing something, whether it’s talking to webservers,or acting as a delivery agent for remote notecard boards, generally, I have something going on and that’s what I’m signed up for. Mainland is Linden Lab’s estate, they call the shots and I have no arguments about my Mainland parcels being part of this process, because my landlord wants those regions to be part of this process, however I do strongly feel that I should have the choice as an estate owner as to whether my regions are part of this process.

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