Fantasy Faire Extended

I apologise for my lack of posts regarding Fantasy Faire this year, I probably should have withdrawn from my blogging responsibilities but this is a good cause and I wanted to support it. I’ve had to deal with the most painful and heartbreaking RL issue of my life this month and that pain will be with me forever. No words can explain this but it’s something pretty much everyone finally has to deal with.

Due to the problems we’ve all witnessed, Fantasy Faire has been extended by a day. This is great news and gives people more time to go and see this wonderful event.

Jungle Bungle Ents

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Fantasy Faire 2012 – Solarium

The Solarium Store at Fantasy Faire 2012 is a store that specialises in HUDS. The Store sits within the Shifting Sands sim.

Outside Solarium

There are two avatars behind Solarium; Rynn Verwood and Encaitaron Korobase. Rynn sent me some details on the store and provided me with this description:

Solarium is a Hud store that focuses on small, but important details:

  • Creativity
  • Simplicity
  • Quality
  • User Friendly Prices

Elementalist Staff at Solarium

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Patrolling Prim Cubes Can Be Exciting

The first rule about NDA club, is that you don’t talk about NDA club. Fortunately, Pathfinding in Second Life is not in NDA club, which means I can talk about it, hurrah!

I’ve been taking a look at Pathfinding in Second Life, being able to select where my characters can walk and select whether objects can move obstacles or collide with static obstacles does not sound exciting, indeed it’s not exciting at all. However what is exciting, although it doesn’t sound it, is watching prim cubes race around your sim after you’ve engaged in a bit of setting up and scripting.

There are bugs with Pathfinding at the moment, which is no surprise as testing is only just getting extended to sim owners, we’re back into the more variables the more issues arise territory, but the support I’ve received on the issues I have had with Pathfinding, have been absolutely superb, the team behind this are extremely enthusiastic. Unfortunately I haven’t had as much time as I’d like to poke around with it, but I’m getting there.

Now, so far I’ve managed to set some paths and then with the aid of the Pathfinding LSL functions I was able to create characters and set them on patrol on my sim.

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