Feb 292012

Second Life has a very diverse community, or should I say collection of communities, because we’re not all one big happy family, some of us loathe each other … actually like a real family, but much larger! Anyway it’s not hard to see why Linden Lab want to tap into this wide ranging appeal of different experiences by asking people to submit blog posts. However it’s also very easy to accidentally stumble into matters you weren’t expecting, which is what happened to me yesterday, this was not what you’d call a Daniel Linden predictable experience.

So there I was keeping up with the latest news on the third party viewer policy discussion and reading a post over at New World Notes, which linked to a post by Emilly Orr. Now this is where degrees of separation get awfully short, because whilst being a nosey parker and reading other posts on Emilly’s blog, I found myself going to another blog of Emilly’s, which is all about massive boobs .. from what I could make out! Prim boobs for clarity and it looks pretty mature rated rather than adult rated. From third party policies to boobs in three easy clicks, this is what makes Second Life great.

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Feb 272012

The ongoing hoo-ha over the proposed solution to revealing a resident’s true online status has generated a lot of feedback over the weekend on Jira SVC-4823. The issue, about online status being respected has morphed into something else with lots of use cases being cited for keeping this function alive. Oz Linden has now made a plea to try and help improve feedback as well as assuring people that The Lab are listenting:

Everyone…. I don’t know if this will help or not, but I’m going to give it a try and see….

We hear what you’ve all said, we understand the issues, and we’re going to discuss what we can and should do about them.

Nothing is final.

We appreciate that Phoenix is moving appropriately to remove the privacy violation from their next release, and hope that they’ll do that soon, but we understand that these things take time.

In order to help us to have a better understanding, I appeal to the many of you who are posting messages that essentially say “I agree – this will be bad for me too” as opposed to describing a specific use case not already described here (and thank you to the many posts that have done a good job describing use cases): please stop with these “me too” posts – they just make it harder to read the full stream (and yes, I at least am reading all of every comment). We know that for every use case there are many users… we don’t need each of them to post something.”

I would advise those concerned with this issue to help Oz here, because filtering feedback becomes difficult when the same use case keeps getting cited, but what are the reasonable use cases?

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Feb 272012

So I decided this evening to dip my toes into the received items beta testing, if you are unaware about this, there’s a blog post, a forum post, a wiki article and a very brief knowledge base article. I would suggest the Wiki article is the most important to get you started as it tells you how to login to the Beta Grid (AKA Aditi). You will also need to use the beta viewer or a TPV that supports the new received items folder, I went for the beta viewer.

Basically this is a new way of receiving items, it will be released in conjunction with marketplace direct delivery but this folder will be for all new received items, not just marketplace deliveries.

First things first, they don’t make things easy do they? I downloaded and installed the beta viewer, followed the instructions, and couldn’t see a received items panel. I then went and downloaded the direct delivery project viewer, thinking the beta viewer wasn’t the right one, and found no received items panel. I eventually found out what the problem was because I saw a post over at SLUniverse about it, Innula Zenovka explained:

I eventually got the beta viewer to show me the received items folder by going to the “Quick Return” parcel, rezzing a prim and and waiting for it to be returned. That created the folder and then it worked pretty much as expected.

So three cheers for Innula! This did indeed work, the quick return parcel Innula talks of is listed on the wiki page, it’s a green parcel. So finally I could get on with the show.

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Feb 252012

This is a difficult one, over at SLUniverse Bronxelf has posted that Linden Lab are going to fix an issue that allows people to find out someone else’s online status, this is detailed in Jira SVC-4823. I agree that someone’s online status should be what the person themself set it to, so if you set your setting to friends and groups only, that’s what should be respected. People would like to see this go further and have an invisible to everyone option, currently you seem to need to do this individually for your friends, but we’re looking at the privacy settings in preferences such as this:

Image For Privacy Settings Should go here

Privacy Settings

The simple fact of the matter is that your privacy settings can easily be made useless by some simple scripting and people, rightly don’t like this. I agree with Bronxelf on this issue, the settings should be resepected, if you want to appear invisible, you should. Linden Lab agree too, but the solution is now creating a great deal of gnashing of teeth, because the solution will break content if Linden Lab go ahead with it, they might not yet go ahead with it.

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Feb 252012

Changes to the Third Party Viewer Policy have been announced and they are contentious. Crap Mariner has a post with links to other blogs with good discussion on the issue. The most startling issue for me is whether this will hit innovation, as @SecondLife so well puts it:

BREAKING NEWS: Linden Lab changes Third Party Viewer Policy to ensure that all viewers suck as much as their own.”

The part of the policy that leads to these concerns is :

2.k : You must not provide any feature that alters the shared experience of the virtual world in any way not provided by or accessible to users of the latest released Linden Lab viewer.

Exactly what this means is where matters get vague, however in the recorded meeting, which is long but you can listen to here, Oz suggested that Parcel Windlight settings and avatar physics, which were initially exclusive to third party viewers, would be forbidden under the new policy.

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Feb 232012

Back in January I reported that there was talk of Blender dropping support for Collada. This was a tad concerning but as I pointed out at the time, not the end of the world. Collada is the format used to get Mesh into Second Life, so in Second Life terms it was important but you can happily use older versions of Blender to create content. Blender 2.62 hasn’t ended this discussion, but Collada support is not only still there, there’s now a mention of Second Life with the addition of a compatibility option for exporting armatures, which you can read about here.

There is also a mention of the issues with Collada and Blender there too:

There has been much discussion about the state of the Collada integration, it’s not currently working very reliable yet, and this needs to be solved somehow. A new team now started working to improve Collada support to get it more useful for integration with external tools and game engines, improving the existing OpenCollada based I/O module.

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Feb 232012

In my last post I highlighted the plight of AngusGraham Ceawlin, unable to login without crashing, but the good news is that Angus is free! Amanda Dallin made a comment on my previous post that Angus is free so I went and checked out Jira SVC-7653 where Angus shared the good news!

This just in today A comment has been added to your Case..

Angus is FREE to roam the main grid!!!!!!

Case: 01298190 Avatar: AngusGraham Ceawlin Type: Inventory (un-rezzed) Issues Status: Waiting for Customer Acceptance Hello AngusGraham,

Thank you for your patience, I have been told that we are ready to proceed and have run a script on your account that will require you to please log in with this resident, clear cache and then relog.

Please do this and then let me know if any problems persist.

Thank you,

Izzy Linden

Thank you to the Linden that finished the job to get me on the main grid after 63 days

Thank you to Whirly and Nicky who got me on the Beta grid and Pointed the way to my fix in 3 days

Thank you to Pasplund resident who worked the system and got this big wheel turning

Thank you to everyone who watched this issue and supported its being fixed and assisting in getting the atteniton

I am ever Greatful

AngusGraham Ceawlin

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Feb 202012
Angus Campaign Photo

Free Angus!

This is a tale of woe, a story of amazing patience, a tale to warm the cockles of your heart, well except that there is of yet no happy ending. This is the story of AngusGraham Ceawlin and his adventures of trying to get his account restored to working order, which is allegedly now a two month long tale. The story can be largely tracked via Jira SVC-7653 where Angus informs us:

Complete Show Stopper.Tried Several different viewers on several different computers. Can only log into SL for a seconds. Crashes at near the end of world loading, at that point I get a program not responding error. Izzy Linden said I should post on here in hopes that some dev. will pick up my project. I was told that this is a result of jira(CHOP-839) which is confidential. If someone is interested in this please contact AngusGraham Ceawlin (hopefully i will recieve email)or CliveMcroy Resident (also me) inworld. thank you.”

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Feb 182012

Crap Mariner has a good blog post about Circle Brooms Laurel Arts Isle succumbing to the tier conundrum and having to close down. What’s good about Crap’s post is that it delves into why places are special for people.

Daniel Voyager on the other hand has a post about The Cartoonimals sim not closing down after it was purchased by Ima Flanagan.

Hamlet Au, in his disappointingly named Sim Deathwatch series has recently been talking about the International Space Flight Museum Sim closing down, but now being saved, for a while at least, which you can read about here. Betterverse Non profits has more information on this, in this blog post, which links to the International Space Flight Museum’s official blog, where there’s a post on the subject, and where they point to how you can help to fund them via donations.

Prior to this we had news that Bryn Oh’s Immersiva was closing, but a crowdfunder on indiegogo appears to have saved that for now. All of these issues highlight the problems of keeping experiences alive in Second Life, but the big issue, the issue that needs to be addressed by Linden Lab, is that of Tier.

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Feb 182012

Back in December Rod Humble blogged on the official blog about 2011 and the outlook for 2012, there he confirmed again that Linden Lab would be looking at other projects:

In addition to delivering new features and increasing our support for Second Life, we will be launching some completely different products next year not related to Second Life. Some of them will be very experimental, but all will fit within our company’s proud history of enabling creativity, which I hope may interest some of you.

As I said in my previous post, the purchase of Little Text People is the first clear sign to outsiders that the Lab are developing other products, but the nature of the product has taken some by surprise. Hamlet Au on his blog post on the subject said:

This acquisition is probably the source of the rumors last year that Linden Lab is developing adventure games, which Linden CEO Rod Humble denied at the time. But yesterday’s announcement strongly suggests something like adventure games are being made by Linden Lab (broadly defined as interactive fiction.)

Rod Humble himself has commented to point out that the rumours last year were incorrect, that this is a different product and that the Little Text People purchased is related to the bland sounding, but still mysterious Product 3, the product that was talked about last year is the bland sounding, but still mysterious, Product 2!

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