Last Week’s Land Sale Even Better Than Initial Results Suggested

Tyche “Statto” Shepherd has updated the results of her findings of the results of last weekend’s sale. Initially Tyche reported that the sale had resulted in 311 private regions being added to the grid, this was a combination of full regions and homesteads. However Tyche ran this survey just thirty minutes after the sale had finished.

However Tyche later reported that another 197 regions were added to the grid, meaning a net increase of 508 regions. This suggests that a hell of a lot of people were keen to have their own sim but were put off by the high upfront cost, despite this, I still maintain that the real barrier to land ownership is land tier prices, USD$295 a month is a mortgage payment for some people, it’s a hefty bill. However as I’ve said before, Linden Lab cannot reasonably be expected to lower tier until they can find some alternative forms of income, this could come via an increase of residents, but it also may mean Linden Lab having to look outside their comfort zone, either way, these issues will run and run.

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Multiple Linden Lab Grids For More Virtual Worlds

Sometimes you’ll see an argument crop up about whether Second Life is a game or not, it’s not something I want to get into. However to some people it’s a game, to others it’s virtual world yadda yadda yadda. However one thing I do find odd about Second Life is that Second Life is still the product, Second Life should be the technology, the product should be umpteen other virtual worlds.

A few years ago Catherine used to talk about The Grid, at that stage I felt that Linden Lab were going to have a grid with other virtual worlds on it, Second Life as we know and love it on one, the teen grid where it was, business grids behind walls, yadda yadda yadda.

That of course didn’t quite happen, the teen grid got merged with the main grid and SL Enterprise got sold to the corporations. However I still think there’s some merit to the idea of business having Second Life worlds that aren’t branded as being part of Second Life as a whole, indeed they won’t even be part of the main grid, you’d have to signup on their site with a new account, schools and universities could do the same and by doing so they put up walls between their product and the main Second Life product, but then they could also link together with trusted grids to allow users to break down some of the barriers.

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Linden Lab Get Ready For Halloween

First of all, get well soon Lexie Linden. Linden Lab are gearing up for Halloween, with a series of new destination guide locations, new forum areas and blog posts. They started off with the graveyard smash with a series of posts about Zombies, one about Zombie games in Second Life and then they moved onto a post about Zombie community conversations ….There’s also a destination guide section just for Zombies!


Zombie Apocalypse – Bloodbath & Beyond

The Zombie Apocalypse is fun for the whole family — if your idea of fun is fighting for your life against zombies that have taken over the city and are terrorizing everyone. Come help save the day and kill the zombies before it’s too late. Get your free combat HUD and join interactive quests to fight zombies alone or with friends.

Visit in Second Life


However Linden Lab, who have been known in the past to scare the living daylights out of residents at this time of year with tier price rises weren’t satisfied with Zombies eating our brains, they quickly moved into more familiar territory by opening a Vampire forum! Garlic necklace at the ready I poked my head in and found complaints, show your vamp look,  Lycans wanting to know where they should go and a request from Linden Lab for Vampire inspired machinima. There hasn’t been a spampire in sight so far!

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Crowdsourcing Gauntlet Thrown Down

The Mesh clothing parametric deformation project has met its funding goal with some forty days to go, now it will be interesting to see what happens here. I blogged about this project earlier this month, basically this is a project designed to enhance the mesh clothing experience but comes at a time when Linden Lab were seen to be stalling on the issue, Jira SH-2734 is where this was discussed.

I’m still unsure about this whole idea of paying someone else to do work when Linden Lab may come up with an alternative solution, but the gauntlet has been well and truly thrown down now. I hoped at the time that some communication would be forthcoming between the team behind this project and Linden Lab themselvesI have no idea if that has happened.

Linden Lab are put in an awkward position by projects like this, they may well have something else in the works to address this issue but have other priorities, supporters of the project however, clearly didn’t feel Linden Lab were showing enough will to make those changes, hence why the project in its fundraising part has been so successful.

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Estate Sales Offer Looks To Have Been A Success

Despite some complaints, especially from those in the second hand sim market and despite questions about the advertising, the Second Life sim sale seems to have been a success, according that is to ace stat gatherer Tyche “Statto” Shepherd who reports to us from SLuniverse:

Overall 322 new private regions were added to the grid between Friday and this morning, along with another 50 which returned to the grid, the net effect was to increase the grid to 31248 regions from 30924 with private estates gaining 311 to 24262 . This is about 300 private regions more than would have been expected over the same period if no offer had been active.

Of the 322 new regions, 152 were Full Regions and 43 were Homesteads, the remaining 127 were still closed to public access. The 195 open to public access were owned by 177 different owners, with no single person purchasing more than 3 regions. On investigation some purchases were by the larger estates ,again no more than 3 regions, but 111 of the new owners have no other active holdings.

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