Real Life hits Second Life AGAIN – Joplin, Missouri

This past year it seems we have been hit with so many natural disasters.  We have been asked time and time again to reach into our pockets and GIVE.  To the point that we want to cry and say STOP.  Well, I wish that were the case here and now……but it is not.  I am asking again

As most of you know who read this blog, SL Home and Garden Expo ended the weekend before last. During the time of the expo, I had the opportunity to work closely with, and to get to know this amazing person. A person who gives so much of herself that at the end of the day she literally falls into bed exhausted.  Who works almost year round to successfully raise funds for RFL.  Such is her belief in what she does. Not only does SHE do this, her son walks in her footsteps. So let me introduce you to Nikki Mathieson, oh yes and you may remember (or not) an interview I did with her son Damian Carbenell a few months ago.

Joplin on the map
Joplin on the map

Please, meet them, and meet Joplin —

Joplin is a city in southern Jasper County and northern Newton County in the southwestern corner of the U.S. state of Missouri. Joplin is the largest city in Jasper County, though it is not the county seat. As of the 2010 census, the city population was 50,150. In 2009, the surrounding Metropolitan Statistical Area had an estimated population of 174,300.

On May 22, 2011, Joplin was struck by an extremely powerful EF-5 tornado, resulting in at least 142 deaths and more than 900 injuries, along with major damage to numerous houses and businesses, St. John’s Medical Center, and multiple school buildings. Continue reading “Real Life hits Second Life AGAIN – Joplin, Missouri”

New Search Project Viewer Released

Just when you thought it was safe to go searching again, it seems that Linden Lab are tinkering with search and this time it’s apparently, bigger, longer and uncut… I mean Fast, Easy, Fun …. no no wait wait it’s delivering more relevant, faster results! The blog post, here, will also cause some consternation because new search will not be implemented by Linden Lab in viewer 1.23 and the consequences of that are hidden away in the FAQ :

What will happen to old search?

The new search system will replace the current SL Viewer search when testing and quality assurance are completed. Viewer 1.23 search will not be affected until the new search system is released for general availability in the released Second Life Viewer. At that time, Viewer 1.23’s search functionality will be impaired; specifically, All and Group search will no longer work in Viewer 1.23.

However for now, let’s take a look at this new search, there’s the good, land sales is vastly improved, it really couldn’t have got any worse, but it’s vastly improved, events are also improved, however paging has gone away to be replaced with a never ending scrolling…well it ends eventually, if you’ve used new Twitter you’ll be familiar with this functionality. There’s also the issue that there is no search button still as well as no way to sort your maturity ratings for search. However it does look rather funky if you open search without entering a search term:

Search Opening Screen Events

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Hell Freezes Over!

A day of oddness to say the least. I have been logged in with Firestorm, I’m not a huge fan of TPV’s, as good as they are, there’s always that “who are these guys” issue. I’ve also downloaded and installed Phoenix because I am completely fed up of people telling me I’m Ruthed and showing me pics to prove it after I told them I look fine on my screen! Performance with the latest official viewer has been poor lately, I have to try something else. I don’t know if this will help but when I was logged in with Firestorm, it felt better.

However the more shocking news is that I’ve engaged with the Facebook borg! I know, I know, but I figured out that you can create Facebook pages without needing a Facebook profile. Therefore I currently have two Facebook pages, one for me and one for my sim. However a Facebook page is not the same as a profile and people need to be aware of this.

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SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT — Prim Perfect and Designing Worlds

Prim Perfect Head Quarters
Prim Perfect Head Quarters

Prim Perfect

Saffia Widdershins is owner and editor of Prim Perfect. So what is Prim Perfect?

Prim Perfectis a magazine for Second Life homes and gardens – with lots of wonderful articles about buying or renting your home in Second life, finding the best designers, choosing your furniture, arranging it to best advantage, managing your prim count, landscaping your garden and learning the latest news from the world of interior design.

In addition, they visit the best communities and the most stunning landscapes of various kinds, all across Second Life. And periodically, they travel to other grids as well to see what is happening across the MetaVerse. In other words, there is something for everyone!

Prim Graph

Whether you are setting up your very first home, hungry for the latest must-haves, or customizing the mansion of your dreams, Prim Perfect has something for you. For those who are prim addicts, there are articles on high-end high class designer furniture too. Each month they showcase the work of a specially chosen designer in an exciting and fascinating region.

New businesses will love their Pathfinder articles, where the best and most experienced content creators in Second Life mentor a group of start-up businesses and help establish them in the Second Life world. Established business can follow their Trailblazer program, which is organizing a series of seminars, workshops and merchant trials for small businesses seeking sustainability.

For all those who love, or need, low prim Design, there are their Linden Home features, where we look at top designers working to create Linden Home furnishings – and also at the different ways that their readers have chosen to furnish their Linden Homes! For land agents, builders, landscapers, and designers – Prim Perfect offers a way for them to reach their clients directly.

Prim Perfect May Magazine Cover
Prim Perfect May Magazine Cover

Prim Perfects advertising rates are very reasonable. In between issues, the PrimPerfect blog keeps you up-to-date with the latest news and gossip. You’ll find news about forthcoming issues – as well as general news, tips, and advice. There is also their very popular art column – Ekphrasis, reviewing art and artists in Second Life.

Many of the articles have a validity that goes well beyond the day of post – search the blog and see what a wealth of information Prim Perfect has to offer! You will see pages from Prim Perfect on the stands on the ground floor of their pavilion. If you would like to read more of an issue, click on that issue on the stand to receive your copy. Or visit their online archive.

Designing Worlds

Designing Worlds is the hit weekly show on design and designers in virtual worlds, brought to you by Prim Perfect Productions, the people behind Prim Perfect in co-production with, the leading TV network in today’s virtual environments such as Second Life. From its roots as a “meta-makeover” show, the programme has developed into a magazine/factual format, adding interviews and visits to some of the most impressive locations in Second Life and other virtual environments.

The show goes out live in 720p High Definition every Monday at 2pm SLT/Pacific Time and is repeated through the week on the Treet Lifestyle channel. Shows can also be viewed on the Treet Designing Worlds and downloaded as podcasts via iTunes.

Designing Worlds is presented by Saffia Widdershins, the Editor of Prim Perfect Magazine, and Elrik Merlin of Radio Riel. You can see more on their Designing Worlds website.

We want to thank Saffia and Prim Perfect for being a proud sponsor, and so much more, of the 2011 SL Home & Garden Expo benefiting Relay For Life.


The WoodShed Ad
The WoodShed

The WoodShed

RH Engel and Rebel are co-owners and creators of “The WoodShed”.

Not only do they strive to bring you the best in furniture (Gothic Medieval Castle Furniture Gothic Furniture Medieval Castle FURNITURE Gorean Gor Furniture Castle Outdoor furniture), their creativeness expands to clothing, jewelry, and prefab houses.

The WoodShed Pic 2
The Wood Shed Pic 2

!Rebel Hope Gowns Wedding Dresses Formal Bridal Tuxedos – Their clothing line is the best in formal wear, gowns, tuxedos, bridal gowns, wedding attire, costumes, lingerie sales, and special editions.

RH Engel Fine Jewelry– RH Engel designs the very best in fine jewelry in Second Life. Beautiful wedding ring sets, necklaces, earrings and so much more!

RH Engel Fine Jewelry
RH Engel Fine Jewelry

We want to thank RH Engel and Rebel Hope of the “The WoodShed” for being a proud sponsor of this years SL Home & Garden Expo 2011 benefiting Relay for Life.

Thank You RH and Rebel!