Apr 302011

EDIT – Prokofy Neva has pointed out to me that Kent Quirk no longer works for Linden Lab and the information in this post regarding that information is therefore inaccurate, but I won’t ninja edit the post!

Gamasutra brings us news that Kent Quirk will be part of a working group that will help to promote academia and business opportunities for the Massachushetts Digital Games Inistitute. According to Gamasutra Kent Quirk will be joined on the working group by Vivox Inc. Co founder Monty Sharma and Sanrio Digitals VP of Publishing and business, Robert Ferrari. Vivox of course are the guys responsible for voice services in Second Life.

The Institute will teach students about game development and also create intellectual property that can be licensed to help bring in revenue.

Wait wait wait! Who the heck is Kent Quirk? He’s Linden Lab’s director of Software Engineering.

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Apr 302011

I’m a hetrosexual male, I need to make this clear before I go further with this post. However I’ve always found Shirley Bassey to be a great singer and in all honesty, she has a song that I feel is appropriate for Second Life users.

The thing is Second Life doesn’t advertise itself well, whenever I come to my own blog I see adverts for IMVU, I’d be much happier seeing adverts for Second Life.

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Apr 292011

The Nebula Art Gallery is going to close on May 14th. Where? I hear you ask … I asked the same question and it’s on my bloody land! Curator and artist Skye Donardson informed me last night that she’d be ending her rental on May 14th and then told me she had an art gallery, at which point I berated her for not telling me, called her names, poked her with sticks and then agreed to blog about it. What makes this worse is that my headquarters are based in this sim!

I should also point out that Skye is a sometimes commenter at The Alphaville Herald … so be nice! Indeed I’ve exchanged almost as many pleasantries with Skye on herald blog posts as I have inworld, she’s in the no trouble at all renter category.

So I popped to the gallery for a look, first of all this is on moderate land and there are one or two moderate themes, so if the sight of a willy is going to alarm you, don’t come here! However there are some nice displays of art here and some interesting concepts.

Nebula Art Gallery Wall

So I asked Skye to let me know what’s going on there and she sent me a notecard.

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Apr 292011

Jezebel Bailey has taken up the Relay For Life baton from me, whereas I covered Fantasy Faire 2011, our Jezebel is covering the Relay For Life Home & Garden expo and to that end has already put the spotlight on two of the sponsors, Stonewood Homes & Interiors and Shameless Bits. I thought I’d inform you of this as an example of communication, because communication remains an issue with Linden Lab, most notably the blog, but also information that doesn’t get blogged.

Blog updates have been discussed by Tateru Nino, in a blog post that saw the strange appearance of the ghost of John Howard Galt, who has a strange view on communications to say the least.

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Apr 282011
Shameless Bits Expo Ad

Shameless Bits Dolphin Display

Shameless Bits!!

Bringing romance into SL at affordable prices. With loving beach and outdoor furniture which helps to set the mood for those romantic moments! You can find everything to make your outdoors (and even indoors) as romantic as can be!

They also have a pretty extensive landscaping section as well, including “Kissing Trees”, that let you kiss and dance and cuddle on the branches, try one out.

There is also a pretty great Midnight Mania board. All new releases go in it (a Lite version of course). They try to have new releases twice a week, and the full version of those items can be purchased 1/2 off until the board changes.

There is a new item for the store twice a week. The new release are put into the Midnight Mania Board. It’s a lite version of the new release (usually 2-5 animations – the full version usually has around 50-100 animations). There’s always something pretty nice on the board, come slap it as you’re looking around!
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Apr 282011

*Stonewood Homes & Interiors*

Owners, Rider Raleigh and Hailie Callisto, have been working together for the past two years to bring you quality Second Life Homes and Furniture. You will be amazed at the attention to detail from the build to the textures. As well as log homes and cabins, Rider has expanded his homes to include Southwestern and Tuscan styles. All homes come complete with a Home Control System that control the doors , and windows. There is also a built in radio controller. The kitchens have menu operated stoves and open/close refrigerators. The homes are completely modifiable. You can change textures, duplicate parts, alter structure to suit your imagination.

Stonewood Homes & Interiors also offers a wide range of cabin and Southwestern style furniture. You can find everything from bedrooms, to living rooms, kitchens, baths, spa’s as well as dining rooms. Accent pieces include flowers, candles, lamps, just about anything you need to furnish your home with elegance. Rider & Hailie have combined their talents in all avenues of home building and home furnishing to bring you top quality country home living.

Stonewood Homes & Interiors has just added a third sim on which they just opened a flower shop and it is also where you can find the Southerstern Homes. Continue reading »

Apr 212011

There was a very interesting Community Tools User Group Meeting tonight, interesting because Amanda opened up the floor to brainstorming rather than going over old ground, which was nice. Quite a few suggestions were raised and there was discussion whether “Noob” is a derogatory term, I ony see it as derogatory when it’s used in a derogatory manner, which is usually when an experienced user is called a Noob by someone else, this happens in World Of Warcraft a lot!

However when it comes to retaining new users and helping them, we really need to start with looking at the new user experience and that means delving into basic mode in viewer 2, to be a noob, you have to become a noob …. or something like that! The issue with basic mode in viewer 2 is that it’s very basic, it also has some features that I think older residents would benefit from. However when it comes to ideas about new user orientation, people really need to understand how basic, basic mode is, there’s no inventory, no file menu, no Linden dollars!

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Apr 202011

Rodvik’s Twittering has got tongues wagging, opened a dialogue and started to exemplify the reach of Twitter. The official @secondlife Twitter account has 22,862 followers as I type this. That figure could change during the course of this blog post, but not by much. Now some of those accounts will be dormant, many of them won’t see any official Tweets, but it gives a good idea of the potential for promoting Second Life on Twitter, because some people will retweet any initiatives, which then extends reach further.

This is low cost advertising, Twitter is free to use but there’s a cost implication with Linden Lab getting someone to Tweet, so it’s not a no cost operation, but it’s pretty damn low cost. Advertising is something Linden Lab don’t do well, some people find advertising a bit tacky, but it’s a cold hard reality that it needs to take place and Linden Lab need to open up their eyes not only to advertising initiatives of their own, but also of advertising via their customers, be that on the forums, blog sites, Twitter, Plurk ……. yes even bloody Facebook! Although the jury is out there with their silly no pseduonyms BS, but we’ll come to that later.

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Apr 192011

Rod Humble’s impromptu Twitter session last night will have delighted many, confused some, and left Scylla wondering what’s so good about Twitter! Mr Humble responded to quite a few tweets in the space of around an hour, Witchfinder General, Inara Pey, pushed Rodvik on basic mode in the new viewer and had praise for the new user signup process, in the end it was deemed we wouldn’t have to throw Rodvik in a river to see if he sank or swam, he took the feedback well and didn’t turn anyone into a frog.

Of course the big news was: “Aston Villa Avatars by default for all users confirmed ;)” … ha! Take that Stokey Suella Ember!

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Apr 162011

Two items to talk about, one potentially very good, one potentially not so good. Let’s start with the good, it appears that Linden Lab have finally started to listen to me and have introduced a new forum on the official forums, that is Events! Wait wait, didn’t they already have an Events forum? No, not quite, they have an Event Producers forum, which is a place to discuss best practices, the new Events forum looks like it’s a place for posting …. events!

Why is this good (besides it being my suggestion … which may make some wonder what LL are smoking!) well, it gives users another avenue to post events, it has the potential for people to find out more about events that are running and therefore find out more about the activities that take place in Second Life.

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