Apez Hits The Buffers

In a surprising incident, Apez has ran out of Linden dollar reserves after a what is described as a “Run on the bank”, the surprising part being, Apez wasn’t a bank in the first place.

Rumours about the demise of Apez started a few weeks ago, with a concerned thread on SL Universe, which can be read here, posing uncomfortable questions about withdrawals and complaints.

However things ran into panic mode over a thread on the Apez forums from Cenji Neutra asking for interested parties to contact Apez regarding management and operational assistance, Cenji wanted to stay in the loop and still be involved, which makes the panic a little surprising but possibly following on from the earlier issues, people decided to withdraw now, this is an unfortunate consequence of previous failed ventures from fomrer inworld businesses that longer term residents will be aware of. Continue reading “Apez Hits The Buffers”

Terrence Linden Talks To The Teens

Blaze Borgin, a teen grid resident, has posted a log of yesterday’s meeting between Terrence Linden and the teens (sounds like the title of a bad family comedy) here.

I must admit, it doesn’t fail to disappoint, it does however make it abundantly clear that the environment remains unsuitable for teens and Linden Lab are burying their heads in the sand on this merger. An example can be seen with regards to the sticky area of mature and PG sims bordering each other, which has long been an issue on mainland, Terrence completely dodges the issue:

Terrence Linden: to clarify on the G-rated regions question, about 80% of G-rated regions are not on the Mainland, and do not border M rated regions. Continue reading “Terrence Linden Talks To The Teens”

Battlestar Galactica Content Allegedly Removed

The solution to the grid merger is taking shape, Linden Lab just need to hire Deathwing, he can cause chaos, shatter the world and one of the continents can become the teen continent, and then we can take it from there, problem solved, they can get Kim Linden on the case after the USA holiday weekend.

However today, let’s take a look at the Battlestar Galactica rumpus, reported by Hamlet over at New World Notes, here, and referring to an article in the Harrisburg Second Life Examiner, here. The story reports of a rumour that Universal City Studios Inc. have complained to Linden Lab about Battlestar Galactica content being sold and used within Second Life, and that Linden Lab have removed the offending content, Hamlet points out that a sim is missing but it’s not clear if the sim has been missing for a while or is caught up in this. The Harrisburg Second Life examiner reports that the following message was sent to Battlestar Galactica related sim owners or officers: Continue reading “Battlestar Galactica Content Allegedly Removed”

The Second Life Cataclysm

World of Warcraft is largely expected to experience The Shattering next week, a time when Deathwing wreaks havoc and brings chaos to Azeroth by changing the landscape, another step in the direction of their Cataclysm expansion pack. There have already been a number of pre Cataclysm events in World of Warcraft, including this week’s chaos when Elementals tried to invade the major cities.

Linden Lab are also unleashing events to mark their Cataclysm, when the teens are welcomed with open arms to the grid, this has a scheduled release date of the end of this year, but that may change, although it’s highly unlikely to happen on December 7th. We’ve already experienced a number of pre events too, the search game when you had to figure out why your parcel didn’t show in search when multiple maturity ratings were selected was one event quest, another was when those humourous Lindens decided that a parcel that had PG content but sat on mature/moderate land should be filtered out of PG search, because hey it’s mature land you silly people and even though the content may be completely PG, we don’t want the teens knowing it exists. Continue reading “The Second Life Cataclysm”

Consumers Count

A copule of issues continue to raise their heads, viewer 2 and camping being the ones on my mind right now, well getting to the pub for a lunchtime pint and watching a bit of footie are at the forefront of my mind but that will happen shortly.

There’s a thread on the blogrums asking if the camping ban should be lifted and there’s a deliberately provocative open letter to viewer 2 haters, from Aeonix Aeon in the form of a blog post over at The Andromeda Group blog.

Let’s start with the camping ban, we’ll never know if the camping ban has had an impact on the economy, people don’t analyse the statistics enough to prove whether there has been an impact one way or another. Camping was however one way for people to earn Linden dollars and I would imagine most of those Linden dollars were used to either buy items or pay rent, I definitely know people who used camping money for rent. The issues of camping were of course related to traffic wars and morphed into bot wars where people would have bots on their land 24/7 to artificially inflate their traffic score and get a leg up in the search stakes. Continue reading “Consumers Count”