How Paid Communities Can Work – Hillcrest College A Case Study

I’ve talked previously about how venues can’t easily make revenue from a pay to enter scheme, Seven Ultra Lounge has apparently closed down. However I was recently contacted by someone who wanted to show me how you can make a go of charging for entry to a parcel. The theme is adult RP, which may disappoint some, but the concept can be transferred to other social venues.

The place is Hillcrest College, a place where people roleplay students over the age of 18, teachers and faculty staff. To avoid any confusion that this is a place that engages in banned sexual ageplay activity there is a clear “No child avatars” rule and a height restirction bar to try and hammer home this point that has a minimum height of five foot two. Summer Haas gave me a guided tour of both the existing location and the new location on Zindra. I didn’t actually see any adult content in action whilst I was there, maybe Summer directed me away from it or maybe it’s due to the fact that this place actually has a sense of community, as Summer explained; “The sex aspect is very low key, the funny thing is the sex brings them in but the friendships made keeps them around and the the regulars don’t generally engage in sexual activity on campus” Continue reading “How Paid Communities Can Work – Hillcrest College A Case Study”