Holy Toledo! Robin Exits

Robin Linden has announced on the official blog that she will shortly be leaving Linden Lab, I’m extremely disappointed, although not at all surprised by this news.

I don’t know who I’m going to whine to now about Linden policies, there’s only Jack left whom I’m comfortable with and he has such a difficult task on his hands.

I first had doubts about Robin’s role when she stopped her office hours. Then she was involved in the worthy stories from Second Life along with Katt, but Katt’s departure seemed to suggest all wasn’t well, although Katt was Katt and she was a bit feisty.

I mentioned to Robin that she was too quiet, Prok (whom I’m extremely annoyed with right now for his sleights on me) pointed out that with the new hires it seemed that Robin and Catherine would have an office in the car park. Continue reading “Holy Toledo! Robin Exits”