Terry Pratchett Live Inworld

Robin’s office hour was a washout as she’s on holiday. Jack’s office hour was calmer than normal and Jack is definitely considering options on what to do about parcels set for sale for what many call extortionate amounts, although no change in policy at this moment in time. Thanks to my underworld sources I have a full transcript to read.

However I spent half an hour trying to get out of Jack’s office hour to go to the Terry Pratchett live Q&A, alas the sim was full until ten minutes before the event started.

Just as I was celebrating, I crashed. However fate wasn’t going to prevent my mission, oh no, I got right back in there. I did however notice that a couple of Linden’s (rumours that they were playing hooky are unfounded!) managed to sneak in at the back, hmmm! Continue reading “Terry Pratchett Live Inworld”