Group Limits

May 16th 2007 a Jira proposal was posted asking for group limits to be raised. Here we are on February 19th/20th and the proposal with 1005 votes is still unassigned.

When oh when are LL going to do something about this? The answer is quite clearly not to merely raise group limits, there needs to be some new thinking on this. However something that would greatly alleviate this issue would be if LL would introduce a new type of group, a social group. There would be no land permissions for these groups, they are merely forms of communication and collaboration.

Today I left yet another group I didn’t want to leave to be able to perform business functions within SL. Yet again I’m having to leave a group that I have a shared interest in because LL won’t address this glaring issue. Continue reading “Group Limits”

LDPW Coming To A Sim Near You Soon?

Jack Linden’s blog about the Linden Department of Public Works (LDPW) has certainly raised interest. This seems on the face of it, a project with real potential.

This is also a project that incorporates a bugbear for many of us, Jack has actually acknowledged that ad farms are an issue within the comments: “Yes, we are actively discussing ad farms at the moment, we’re very aware of the impact they have but we don’t have anything concrete to share as yet. Keep reading the blog.”

Now I’m sure there will be plenty of people who will be cynical about this but I’m going to take a wait and see approach to this. Land prices for builds around these projects could significantly increase because there’s no doubt about it, these builds will (initially at least) attract visitors and gain free publicity via the blog no doubt, so get your stores ready. Continue reading “LDPW Coming To A Sim Near You Soon?”

Welcome To Hell

So you’ve got yourself land in a brand new sim? Excited? Probably not for long because he’s here, he’s there, he’s every damn where. The picture is an example of his work in a brand new sim and apparently he’s done the same in two others already.

Devaluing land everywhere he roams, riding roughshod over ethics and hey LL might sit back and take the tier for now, but this sort of mess is going to end in one result, your auctions are going to be devalued too.

When a new sim owner or the first excited new tenants find the value of their land is dropping overnight then someone is going to take a hit and that hit is eventually going to go all the way back to LL.

Now I know that the idea of releasing new sims is to stabilise land prices and stem the increases in land prices we’ve seen of late and heck in that regard, why bother with new sims, just let him have the land because it sure does deflate prices. Give him the reclaimed land, he’ll bring prices crashing like a stone to make everyone who complains that land is over priced happy.

How long can this carry on for? There is no value being added to the land here, a brand new sim that is an eyesore already. People have tried new tricks, they’ve tried to wall his “ads” in, but the very fact that they are there means that the land has already lost value.

Now some may argue that this is part of the beauty of mainland, the wild west nature, to be able to do more or less what you like, how you like, when you like (as long as you don’t violate the TOS). However I’m sorry, but this is a gross abomination and something needs to be done. Continue reading “Welcome To Hell”