Keeping Old Content Alive

I was reading Prok’s blog earlier today and noticed a post where he announced he was moving his content to a different address. The part of the post that struck a chord with me was:

I think my blog is an important resource not only on the history of Second Life but the history of the larger issues of the Internet, of which Second Life is a microcosm. And I may make a “Best of” e-book of some of it if I can find time.

Now it’s the history side of matters that really strikes the chord because I’ve been patchy about moving my Your2ndPlace content here. The only access to said content that I have is via The Wayback Machine and it’s painful moving the content across and then of course links are dead etc.

However, the Your2ndPlace archives tell a story and I’m a fan of stories. Some of the content now strikes me as overly dramatic, unfairly critical of Linden Lab and in a style that I try to avoid these days. However, warts and all, it is what it is and it is probably better that I move my content across. I also told Konner McDonnell that I’d move his content across, I have moved a handful of Konner’s posts across but I need to get back to it.

Your2ndPlace was a multi blogger platform, kindly provided by Nobody Fugazi who paid the bills. Although not all of the bloggers blogged regular, some of those involved were: Alan BambooArthur FermiAsh WadeCadence JuranJezebel BaileyKonner McDonnellMarx DudekNobody FugaziSando Haller and Sarah Nerd.

Whereas I’d love to move everyone’s content somewhere, I don’t have permission to do so. They haven’t refused me permission, I haven’t asked them, but as I said earlier, it’s quite painful moving content across from The Wayback Machine. Jezebel Bailey of course, has been known to blog here.

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Blue Mars Reverses Several Gears

Blue Mars reverses several gears in their latest announcement. They are moving to being an app for the iPhone and iPad, this is a real shift and one has to wonder how long this will be a viable model, there is also the horrible issue of job losses, including that of CEO Jim Sink.

Blue Mars seems to have suffered from trying to do too much too quickly, I have read comments from Blue Mars users that they went to open beta before it was ready (as Second Life did with viewer 2, but not on as big a scale), the camera controls and movement were painful. Personally I only visited Blue Mars a couple of times, downloading new cities and the extremely slow performance on my computer meant it was never really a venture I’d pursue for long, had it ran better then maybe I’d have visited more often but that would have meant some of the goals of the company couldn’t be met, that it didn’t run well on my computer is my problem to a large degree, but the success of Second Life and World of Warcraft is in a big part due to them both running an older hardware to a decent degree, you have a wider audience there. However users of World of Warcraft and Second Life do complain about the lack of state of the art graphics, so it’s a double edged sword. Continue reading “Blue Mars Reverses Several Gears”

2011 – Linden Lab really need to listen to their users

2011 promises to be an interesting year for Second Life, a new CEO, Mesh, LL finally looking at inworld activities other than shopping if their blog post about games in Second Life is anything to go by.

The Linden Department of public works, who don’t get anywhere near enough credit, have been quietly going about their business of installing switches on the railway network known as the SLRR, as explained here by Michael Linden.

These are the sort of posts we should see more of, more what’s happening inworld, more on developments, more on what people who don’t want to run a business but want to come here and have fun can do, this is the sales pitch, this is where marketing can triumph. Continue reading “2011 – Linden Lab really need to listen to their users”

2010 Reviewed

As the new year approaches and we all get ready to look forward, it’s time to look back on a contentious, frustrating and disappointing year for Second Life. However there were highs as well as lows. This really was a topsy turvy year. This will be a fairly long post, I will warn you of that now, it will also miss some important subjects as my time is restricted, feel free to add your own highs and lows in the comments.


We were greeted with a very chirpy blog post from CEO Mark Kingdon. The post looked backwards and forwards and talked of the need to get users to that moment where they really embrace Second Life faster, by the end of the year we were still waiting for that moment, proving just how difficult a step it us but Linden Lab have made some progress there. Continue reading “2010 Reviewed”

Joe Miller Silently Departs

Whereas Jack Linden’s departure was announced on the blog to a largely disappointed public, another senior Linden has quietly departed. Joe Miller (Joe Linden), the VP of technology and platform development no longer appears on the Linden Lab Management page. This was reported by the very astute Tateru Nino, who tracks these changes with the assistance of Linden Lab’s Second Life grid databases.

I’m not sure when exactly Joe departed from the management structure, recently enough to find him still listed in a cached version of the management page, so it can’t have been that long ago.

Joe was a Linden whom I can’t recall ever having any contact with, he was however one of the five members of the executive management team, that team is now down to four. Continue reading “Joe Miller Silently Departs”