May 312014



There are many fairs and events in Second Life during the course of the year, some more popular than others. Regular readers of this blog will know of my love of Fantasy Faire. However another big love of mine is Science Fiction, I don’t see enough of it in Second Life, this is more due to time restraints, which Science Fiction should be able to fix!

However, as part of the Relay For Life effort, there is a Science Fiction convention going on in Second Life, right now.

Colourful Planet

The event opened on May 30th and runs until June 8th, so there’s plenty of time to see the sims, of which there are six and they come in a variety of themes from your classic Sci-Fi look to more colourful offerings.

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May 082014

Druscilla Ferraris

In a way that only a virtual world such as Second Life can manage, Fantasy Faire 2014 brought together two very diverse acts to entertain the crowds. Keeba Tammas and the Tiny Maniacs helping her were followed by Maximillion Kleene.

Maximillion Kleene

Being as this took place in Second Life and being as it was Fantasy Faire we had a mixture of the weird, the wonderful and the technical issues that people so readily brush aside.

Kaitlyn Odigaunt

In the first act the drummer came and went and then came back again without anyone really batting an eyelid.

Llewellyn Mistral and Morgan Darkstone

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May 062014

Fantasy Faire isn’t just about shopping, roleplay, hunts, prizes and auctions, no there’s more and this comes in the form of entertainment. The best way to keep up with the entertainment schedule is to read the Faire Happenings page, which gets updated regularly.

Now a point worth noting is that DJ and live music events usually take place onboard the FFR Radio Ship FaireChylde. This is a ship that is held in the air by a dragon. However yesterday the ship moved from The Palace Of Tears to a new location in Blackwater Glenn. This took many by surprise and I can assure you that a Dwarfin King falling surprisingly from the sky makes one hell of a surprising sound.

However the entertainment could still be found and Lisa Brune was entertaining the crew of the ship, as well as some stowaways.

Lisa Brune

I’m assuming the ship has been moved because the second part of the hunt is now open and that takes place in The Palace Of Tears sim.

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May 052014

Prior to the start of this year’s Fantasy Faire there was mention of a ballet. I pondered whether we would see Orcs in a tutu, unfortunately that didn’t make the cut! However a ballet has been produced and can be seen on YouTube, I will embed this at the end of the post.

The ballet is set in the Faery Court sim and therefore, unsurprisingly, involves Fairies. In this case it’s a romantic tale between the Seelie and Unseelie courts. For those who are not familiar with these terms, The Seelie court are generally known to be prone to a bit of mischief but are generally well intentioned. The Unseelie court on the other hand  are darker in mind and can be far more vicious in their dealings with humans and others.

However neither court are set in stone to be good or evil, or so the legend goes anyway. The production takes advantage of the virtual world setting of Second Life to make an extended stage out of the sim and is a good example of how a virtual world can be utilised for such a production.

Elico Ember is the designer behind the design and build of The Farey Court sim but many other Second Life names appear in the credits, from dancers to designers who provided outfits and accessories. What we see here is again something Draxtor Despres has been highlighting so well in his Drax Files World Makers series, collaboration in a virtual world with people from diverse backgrounds and locations working together to create a production.

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May 052014

The Fantasy Faire 2014 hunt is on, after the hunt was bailed from jail at the weekend and then released. That was a very busy boat I can tell you. The hunt is split in two parts, the first being Fimbleby’s wager in which :

a loud-mouthed drunk bets that he’s smarter than you. Head for Wiggenstead Mooring and find Fimbleby in the Jolly Crocodile to match your wits against his, prove him wrong and win what others have lost before you – and an extra something that might just come in handy later…

The second part of the hunt will take place in the Palace Of Tears, which is quite an eye catching location. Here are the details and costs :

Fimbleby’s Wager lasts until the Fairelands fade away after May 11th. The Palace of Tears will be available for hunters longer, since it is on a separate sim that will stay on the grid until May 18th.

The hunt HUD costs 250 lindens, which covers both Fimbleby’s Wager and The Palace of Tears. If you begin hunting only after Fimbleby’s Wager is gone, the HUD will be 150 lindens and cover only The Palace of Tears part of it.

The hunt HUDs are available for purchase at all the landing points of the Fairelands, all the HUD money goes to RFL.

Now, first things first, pay attention to the text, because someone not a million miles from here spent a long time looking for a jolly crocodile called Fimbleby, look it’s Fantasy Faire, talking crocodiles are perfectly feasible! However I was supposed to be looking for a place called the Jolly crocodile!

Jolly Crocodile


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May 042014

This is all the fault of a Dwarfin named Grum and his meddling. Grum you see was meddling around and unearthed an object around the size of two Dwarfin fists. Grum believed this to be a gem of some worth and bundled the object in his knapsack to show off to his Dwarfin buddies.

However it turns out that in Grum’s grasp was not a gem of great value, it was something far more sinister, with his hand around the gem Grum drifted off to sleep, his hand resting on a rock, a rock that was being heated by a camp fire. At this stage you might think that this would not end well, you would be right.

Grum awoke to discover his hand was empty, hunting around he found what appeared to be an egg shell, what on earth had happened here? An egg shell, an open egg shell to boot. Something had hatched, Eventually Grum discovered a lizard like creature … with wings. Eventually it dawned on Grum that a Dragon had been born. Later the High Council of Dwarfins, after much consideration, decided that Dwarfins would become Dragon Riders and trainers as the dragons didn’t seem too wild.

Dragon Eggs

The full story of Grum’s discovery can be read in chapter 5 of The Dwarfins story. The result for Fantasy Faire is that dragons are now inhabiting The Dwarfins cave! A host of new releases related to the dragons have been released including ride-able dragons, Dragon Rider limited edition Dwarfins and Shoulder pets.

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May 032014

Fantasy Faire isn’t just about shopping, they have events, roleplay and hunts to come too. Fantasy Faire Radio is spinning the tunes onboard the FFR Radio Ship FaireChylde. However being as this is Fantasy Faire the ship is held in the air by a giant dragon! There you will find the DJ booth and you may even meet some funky looking DJ’s.

Dakota Christensen

There are also live musicians from time to time, a good place to find out about by happenings is via The Fantasy Faire website, particularly the Faire Happenings page.

Two hunts are planned for this year’s event, scripted by David Abbot and designed and constructed by Rynn Verwood. The first hunt will be FIMBLEBY’S WAGER :

A loud-mouthed drunk bets that he’s smarter than you. Head for Wiggenstead Mooring and find Fimbleby in the tavern to match your wits against his, prove him wrong and win what others have lost before you – and an extra something that might just come in handy later…

The second part of the hunt takes place in the Palace Of Tears, which is open now.

Palace Of Tears

However you will have to wait to see what secrets lie within. There are some mysterious looking statues around that sim, I wonder if they will come to life?



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May 022014

Macmoragh & Muse At Sanctum

Fantasy Faire, like any busy event in Second Life, can be a troublesome affair, the lag, the bumping into things, the sims being reset. However if you take a little care, you can have a far more enjoyable experience. The first thing to remember is that we all contribute to lag, some more than others it has to be said, but we all contribute and we all add load. Now we can’t all be invisible, but we can pack lightly.

Mounringvale Thicket

Yes I know, it’s Fantasy Faire and we all want to look awesome, wear our wings, hit people with wands, strike others with a curse of doom, but there are plenty of days for you to do this and you don’t have to do it all in one sitting.

Scripts, there’s always controversy about scripts at busy events, there are tools that inaccurately reflect resource usage, but scripts, like everything else, use resources, so if you are going scripted, try to be lightly scripted to avoid disappointment.

Blackwater Glenn

Taking photos, now this is tricky. There are other people there for a start and when you’ve played with your windlight settings, tried to ramp up your graphics and finally got the perfect angle, don’t shout abuse at people who wander into the shot. Unlike real life, in Second Life people don’t realise you’ve been piddling around for twenty minutes trying to get the best shot.

Also, don’t shake your fist, curse and roar with anger when you try to save a snapshot to disk and the viewer crashes .. maybe that’s just me.

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May 012014

Draxtor Despres had posted a teaser video:

The Fantasy Faire blog had been previewing like crazy but now the wait is over, the hype will be delivered, Fantasy Faire 2014 is open!

Fantasy Faire 2014

Celebrating its sixth year, the Fantasy Faire is the largest gathering of fantasy designers, enthusiasts, roleplayers and performers in the virtual world. From May 1st through the 11th, treat yourself to eleven days of shopping, live music concerts, auctions, hunts and roleplaying. Come join thousands of Second Life residents and creators as they bring their visions together in support of the American Cancer Society.

Visit in Second Life

Linden Lab have even joined in the fun by blogging about it. This is a far cry from the days when my post on the official forums about Fantasy Faire was deleted by a moderator and I received a warning … I really should let bygones be bygones on this …. but it still irks me!

However back to the Faire, it will be running from May 1st, (which is a rather special day in my calendar and one on which I’m a year older than I was yesterday) to May 11th. The event will be very busy, at some times maybe a little too busy but that’s the beauty and beast of such events.

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Apr 252014

Banner For Fantasy Faire 2014



This year’s Fantasy Faire is taking a bold extra step in terms of movie making for the event. Five Machinima makers will have the opportunity to create a Fantasy Faire tale before the Faire opens. Now, let’s clear something up first, this does not mean other people are forbidden from making films during the event, it’s just an opportunity for five film makers to create a tale before the Faire opens and therefore whilst the streets are free of visitors.

If you are a machinima maker and fancy telling a tale then head over to this Fantasy Faire blog post and read the details. However there is quite a short deadline on applying for this, you will need to apply before midnight on Saturday April 26th, I assume this is midnight SLT, but you’ll have to clarfiy that with Saffia Widdershins. So what sort of creation are they looking for? Well, from the blog post :

Explain what you would like to film (whether you you want create a story with actors, an abstract pieces of a travelogue), and supply a link to a previous film or machinima you have shot.

So the next obvious question is going to be why only five people, well again it’s best to quote from the blog :

Well, people are still building, and each film-maker will need to work with us to ensure that they are filming what is finished (or certainly ready to film!). And as this is the first year we have done this, we want to ensure that we are able to help you to the best of our abilities.

So basically you will be given the opportunity to film but it needs to be coordinated to fit in with the work going on behind the scenes.

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